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The movers came on Monday after my arrival on Saturday. I was very tired, but worked hard to ready the house for the deluge of boxes. It was crazy making. Three men carrying 2-3 boxes at a time into my house. Me trying to direct them, unpack boxes, and not make mistakes. I did end up with some boxes out of place, but really can you blame me? It’s staggering, the number of boxes that come out of a home.

They came at 10:30 and left at 4:30.


Having been inundated with boxes, I started unpacking and putting everything in its place. Some hours later, I finally gave up and went for some Stash loving.


She is still on barn arrest until she properly settles in, but I trusted her enough to leave the door open. She wasn’t interested in running around, but wanted attention.


Actually, she DEMANDED attention. I happily sat there and let her crawl around my lap and drool. Did I mention she drools from happiness? She does.

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Last of the Move

Kansas is just, you know, Kansas. It’s not nearly as flat as everyone wants you think either. The Flint Hills were really pretty as we drove and there are a LOT of churches to be seen as you drive.

The best part of our day was stopping at Hog Wild bbq.




Oh. Yeah.


This might have happened too.


Plus more knitting on the boxers.


The important thing was that we made it to the barn. We put the rabbits in their cages. They were very happy. Then we crashed for the night.

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Day 2 of the Trip


We had crashed late on Thursday night in Utah, so it took us a while to get started on Friday morning. With the trays emptied, rabbits watered, and soon reloaded, we were back on the road.


There were still mountains to travel through as we headed in to Wyoming. Most of Wyoming is pretty flat, and boring, and almost sleep inducing.


Luckily, I had my trip knitting to work on. Those are the boxers for the KAL that we are running at BlackSheep. We finally made it through Wyoming and into Colorado. I had to make one stop in Colorado.


Yep. I finally made it. How many years have I shopped at the Loopy Ewe? Wanted to visit, but never did. I finally, made it to the shop. It was beautiful. So yarny and fabricy and glorious.




Mmmm. Yes. I only had 20 minutes here before they closed. It was pretty warm for the rabbits too, so would have hurried either way. I came away with just 2 skeins and 3 yards of fabric, but that is a tale for another day.

We hurried on from the Loopy Ewe and continued on late into the night into Kansas for the last leg of our journey.

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Siskiyou Cowl and Coffee Sleeve

My latest design for BlackSheep is available as of May 1 in a great kit.  The kit comes with enough yarn to knit both the cowl and the coffee sleeve.  Or you can make that coffee sleeve a bracelet, or a headband.  It’s really a versatile pattern.

While the Siskiyou mountain range is not the highest of ranges in the Cascades, it sure can make travel between Oregon and California tricky in the winter. After being caught on the wrong side of the pass on a trip, I was inspired to make a fun cowl. You’ll find a diamond-shaped edging reminiscent of the mountains, tire tracks through the snow, and tree branches decorating this cowl. Whether you traveled over the Siskiyou Mountains or not, I hope you’ll be delighted by this not too difficult to work cowl.

This pattern is meant for an advanced novice knitter or a more experienced mid-level knitter as the chart can be difficult to follow.

Both written and charted directions are included in this pattern. Please read the entire pattern before beginning.

Yarn: 2 Skein Swans Island Organic Washable Sport, Pesto, 100% washable merino wool, approx. 200 yards for pattern

Needle: US 4 (3.5 mm) Hiya Hiya Steel Interchangeable circular needles or needles to obtain gauge

Gauge: 6 stitches per inch (spi) and 5.75 rows per inch (rpi) OR 24 stitches & 22 rows to 4 inches/10 cm in stockinette

Size: Approximately 23 inches long and 7 inches wide

To alter the size: Add or subtract repeats of the chart OR adjust your gauge to increase or decrease the length of the scarf as needed.

Other Notions Needed: tapestry needle, crochet hook, scrap yarn

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From Oregon to Missouri


Day 1 saw the bunnies loaded into the van and my little caravan on the road by about 9 in the morning.



We stopped at Wahkeena Falls on the way out. There are lots of waterfalls in Oregon. Oddly enough I had never really stopped at one so we took the opportunity to do so.



Wahkeena Falls is not very far from Multnomah Falls. This is a pretty famous site in Oregon. So, we had to stop there for a moment as well.

We drove a long way through Oregon and Idaho down into Utah before stopping for the night.


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