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More Flowers At Home

I found some lovely flowers at home as well.


I’m not sure what these little purple ones are, but I find them rather charming.


Cherry blossoms in the sour cherry tree.


Apple blossoms in one of the many apple trees.


This pink rhododendron was in full bloom.


While the red rhododendron is just starting to unfurl.


And the blueberry bushes are flaunting their lovely bell shaped flowers.

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While We’re Talking Bunnies


I moved this doe and her litter to a new cage for a few days before I wean them. They thought the new cage was SUPER fun and were bouncing all over. I gave them a little hay just so they would hold sort of still for a photo. These are all tortoise Dutch.

And then I watched another litter eating. I love when the little bunnies start eating pellets and finally figure out how to keep it all in their mouth. I kept trying to snap a picture where the pellet was sticking out of its mouth, but I kind of failed. So, you will just have to suffer the cuteness of my attempts instead. Below are black and tortoise Dutch.





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Nursing and Riding

Here is Truffle nursing her litter:



Her kits are too little to really see under her belly. It’s rare to catch a doe kindling or nursing. Every once in a while they cooperate with my camera though. :) Sometimes I even catch the babies being silly.


Like Bliss being ridden like a pony. Or like Spike the bulldog being ridden by the little black kitten in that old Looney Tunes cartoon. Wait. Has anyone else seen that cartoon? Or am I making a random reference that no one else will understand?

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Terribly backlit again. I’m sorry for all of the crappy photos this year. I’m in such a hurry right now that I just don’t have time to stalk the perfect photo like I did last spring. Still, I do have some lovely lilacs right now. I wish they made better cut flowers. The scent is just heavenly.


The columbines are great though. I love the way these flowers look. I never knew how much I would enjoy columbines until I discovered some growing out here. I’m really looking forward to their full glory when all of the blooms are open. You might see these flowers again. :)

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Let’s Talk About the Rabbits


This is a successful nest. It’s in the box. Nice and fluffy. The kits will stay warm and happy until they are furry and bouncing around the cage.


This is a nestbox fail. The nest is outside the box. The kits will not stay warm and happy.

Sometimes, the does are not very bright. If I give them enough hay, I can move the whole nest into the box and generally the does do just fine taking care of their kits. Can I touch the babies? Yes. The does don’t care if they smell like a person. Let’s be clear here: I can hold all of the kits for hours (except they will pee on me) and the does will still feed them.

I usually check the nest for dead kits (because 1 in every 3 to 4 litters will have at least 1 dead kit) and count the babies daily for a while. It’s important to check the health of the litter because if a kit does die the doe may dig the entire nest out of the box in an attempt to remove the dead kit. They aren’t dogs or cats. Rabbits will usually nurse once a day. They don’t carry their kits around and care for them. For the most part, they are mothers by neglect. This makes sense if you think about how they developed in the wild. Rabbits are prey afterall. So, I use this knowledge to my advantage to keep my kits happy and healthy.

Now. If I could just convince some of these does that a nice sturdy box is a better place to pull fur than the cold, cold wire. . .


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