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I’m Still Here


Right now I’m recuperating from surgery.  I had exploratory surgery last Friday to look for endometriosis because I have been having pelvic pain (amongst other issues) for several months.  After consulting five different doctors (two were obgyns), I elected to go through the surgery in hopes of finding out what was wrong.  Well.  They didn’t find endometriosis.  They did find a uterine fibroid which was removed. At least, I think they did, because my after care was a bit spotty.  There were a lot of things that I wasn’t told and I’m still waiting for the full report of what the fuck they did to me during surgery.

Turns out that any kind of surgery, even if it is laproscopic and small, is hell on your body.  I’m still trying to recover partial range of movement without pain.  Yesterday, I went just a little too far with how much activity I did and now I’m most definitely paying for it.  I’m sore.  So sore and all over my body.  I have been trying to space out the percocet more, but I’m seriously thinking of taking one this afternoon to help me nap.  You know, because I was the idiot that over did it yesterday.  So, anyway, I’m rambling because I’m in pain and sore and feeling like I will never return to normal at this point.  (Yeah, yeah, I know I will, but let me have my pity party.)

So, until I can be nice and kind and less whiny, let’s just assume I’m knitting a lot because I am.  Also, there is a blanket-knit-a-long that I am designing for BlackSheep at Orenco next year.  Just in case, you know, you want to join in.  Oh, and I’ll be doing the Tenceltown thing for Knitting Boutique again too.  It’s all kinds of exciting around here, when I’m not having surgery and laying on the couch.

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A Little More OFFF


Just a bit more.  I judged the fluffy bunnies for spinner’s dream.  Found a few stinky sheep (and I’ve raised them, so I can call them stinky).  Admired the beautiful mutts produced by Crystal at Lilliput Yarns.  Oh, I also found some cute needle felted ornaments.  OFFF really is delightful and unexpected and worth the trip.  It keeps growing every year and I’m curious to see what it grows into next year.


I love the froggies.  Even if they do put up an awful racket in the spring and summer.  I enjoyed looking for the big bullfrogs.  Sometimes I can find them on the lilies and sometimes I find them on the string algae.  Sometimes I find them around the edge of the pond.  I scare them frogs and they bounce into the water with a huge splash!

Mini Satins

These little guys are mini satins.  One of the two breeds I currently raise.  They are what I consider my “play” breed right now.  I only have 3 and a the litter above.  I won’t keep more than a half dozen in total.  They have been a challenging breed for me as I couldn’t get litters for a while.  Now it seems the bucks and does are both cooperating.  If I’m not careful I will be overrun with mini satins.  Here is what they look like at hours old, one week, and two weeks.  Cute little buggers.  They grow really fast too.