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A Rabbit Show

Just a few photos.  It’s all about the rabbit shows right now. Here are a few shots from earlier in the month at ISRBA Convention.  We sure do love our rabbits at these shows.  We carefully pack them all into individual compartments and haul them into the barn.  Then groom and prep them.  Finally, each rabbit has it’s time on the show table.  Then back into the compartment until it’s time to go home.  For long weekends, there are sometimes coops for the rabbits.  This means each one has a “temporary house” in the barn and a little more freedom.  It’s wonderful when that is offered for rabbits that are being shown for more than one day.

Now I’m gearing up for ARBA convention in just a few days.  Wish me luck.

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“Our” Park

We go walk at Broemmelseik park frequently.  It’s nearby, the trails are well marked, there are several different areas to explore, and we enjoy the changing seasonal scenery.  One of the places to walk has many different pieces of antique farm equipment.  It is positively engaging to walk those trails and read about the many different ways that farming has been done over the years.  I thought I would share a few photos with you of some of the interesting farm equipment. Seeing them in person and really looking at the various parts is fascinating.


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In Oregon Today? Come See Me!



I’m at Oregon Flock and Fiber with my friends. Come on down to the booths and see me. I’ll be judging the Wool, Skein, and Garment contest for the Angora rabbit breeders this weekend and some other amazingly fun classes too.

Plus, I’ll be signing my book. Oh! And also showing off my three new patterns. It’s all kinds of fun here!

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I Make The Cookies

All the time.  I love to bake, but with just two of us in St. Louis and not having a wide circle of friends yet, it means I have to curtail my baking.

So, with a rabbit show in the future, I baked two big batches of cookies and distributed them while I was at the show.  They were well received and most appreciated. I had the pleasure of baking them, and I didn’t end up with 12 dozen cookies to eat.

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A Trip to Branson

We took a flying trip to Branson for an overnight adventure.  We really didn’t do much beyond eat and walk around, but it was still fun.  Abbie even went along with us as we didn’t have time to find a boarder.  She was especially excited to take a trip in the car.  Smelling all of the new things was also fun for her.  She managed to not howl the night away in the hotel room too.  I certainly appreciated that.  It’s taken her five years to turn into a really decent dog, and I’m so glad she finally has.  There were days when I was ready to give her back to the breeder.

In any event, we found some really neat antique malls on the way to Branson.  The scenery was beautiful in the late summer.  I wish we had booked early enough to take in a show, but it was still fun to just explore some of the shopping and restaurants.

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The Pond

We have had some troubles with the pond.  The string algae has been out of control and we have fought continually to destroy it, but at one point it really took over.  We are just starting to get a handle on the string algae now, but I don’t have a lot of hope for a clean clear pond this fall.  Maybe next year our efforts will bear fruit.

It didn’t look too bad the day I took these photos.  Sort of brighter and cleaner.  It’s been hard to feed the fish with the string algae blocking off access points, so I’ve been missing my time there.  Hopefully in a few days there will be enough open water that I can try to feed them again.