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Belle Meade

Probably the best part of my trip was Belle Meade plantation.  Firstly, I love history.  Secondly, though I am not a horse girl, I was horse crazy.  So the opportunity to see this place was not something I wanted to pass by.  While the farm is long gone and the horses dispersed in the early 1900’s, this bit of land was the site of America’s premier stud farm throughout much of the 1800’s.  The history and museum are certainly worth a visit.  Plus, the tour comes with a wine tasting.  I did indeed take home some sweet Belle Meade wine too.  So, yummy.

Oh, and I was a bit fascinated by all of the carriages.  You see, I have a penchant for reading trashy historical novels and I just never bothered to really look at what the different carriages described in the novels look like.  Well, I had quite an opportunity to check out the various carriages and suddenly those novels made so much more sense.  I have images in my mind now and if I really need a refresher, my own photos to look to for that purpose.



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Another Night In Nashville

We love checking out Nashville, but I wish that there was more to do downtown at night than go listen to really loud music and drink.  We did have a nice walk that night, but I would have dearly loved something to do that night beyond walking past drunk people and loud music.

I enjoyed the stroll and checking out the riverfront.  I did most of the tourist stuff the last time we were in Nashville. So, it was harder to find fun things to do this time. We did have a nice dinner at Frothy Monkey, so I can recommend them if you are in the area.

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Marathon Village Again

We quite enjoyed a trip down to Nashville again.  We took a nice stroll around the Marathon Village, including a stop at Bang Candy.  I really like the marshmallows there.  We popped into Antique Archeology again, but it’s really more of a tourist spot for me than an actual antique store.  I enjoyed checking out all of the museum items scattered throughout the Marathon Village building. It’s really sad that the area is so run down.  It could be a really fantastic shopping, craft, destination area.  I’m sure it will revitalize though.  There were certainly a lot of tourists there when we were.

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From Around the Block

We happen to live in a very pretty area near St. Louis.  While I often appreciate the animals and wild things here, I also get frustrated with the coyotes eating my ducks and the deer eating my fruit trees. :/

In any case, I do sometimes like to go rummage through the parks and see what I can find.  One thing that caught my eye was this turtle.  There were actually two of them sunning themselves in a parking lot.  They dutifully turtle-trotted away from me, and I followed them trying to take photos.  Just imagine me saying “Hey, turtle! Stop.  Just stop so I can take your photo!”

I really wanted a photo of the hummingbirds that were feeding on the thistles too.  They are very tall and completely frothy with flowers.  The birds were fighting over them and I stood for at least five minutes just watching them flit back and forth.  I didn’t manage to capture the birds, but the thistles were still beautiful.

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Another Oregon Trip

I went back to Oregon and ran the shop for a week while Tina went to England to celebrate her mother-in-law’s 80 birthday.  I had a fabulous time teaching, judging rabbits, and selling yarn!  I watched the eclipse at the shop.  Kokomo helped me unpack some new Donegal tweed.  I ate at my favorite restaurant there, Oasis (twice).  It was a lovely visit with friends.  And I’ll be back there again next week for Oregon Flock and Fiber.


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A Balloon

I forgot to tell you all about the hot air balloon that landed in the neighbor’s yard.  There was an older gentleman and he had a whole crew of co-pilots helping him to guide the balloon.  Avi threw a fit because he felt like the balloon was trespassing.  I told him to just shut up, go inside, and let me talk to the balloon people.

While I can’t say that I wanted to see a hot air balloon in the next yard, I was happy to let them carefully pack up and go back to whence they started.  It’s not everyday that you see a hot air balloon, much less have one land in your yard!


Indiana State Fair 2017

When I went to the State Fair this year, I had plans to go just a few places.  I wanted to see the Pioneer Village, the Home and Family Arts, Hooks Drug Store, and my family.  I managed all of the above.  I had a lovely visit with many people that I knew.  Susie did an excellent job cutting and coloring my hair.  All in all, my visit was both brief and delightful.