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Shaggy Hat Sneak Peek


Here is a quick unblocked, unfinished sneak peek of the Shaggy Hat for the Scooby Doo in Tenceltown club.  If you recall, I’m designing patterns for all of the characters from the Scooby Doo cartoon, plus the mystery machine for the Knitting Boutique.

I’m really pleased with how this one looks and the scarf is coming along stunningly as well.  With any luck I’ll finish that one up next week.

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Last of the Garden



You might recall that I had dug some of the potatoes earlier in the year and have been enjoying them. Then I discovered that the ants were after my potatoes. So I dug more of the potatoes. I ran out of time before the convention to finish taking them all in. As soon as I had time, the potatoes were dug from the second trench and all of the remaining hills and spread out downstairs to dry. I am really happy with how many potatoes I dug this year. The plants were productive and the flavors are delicious.


I also took all of the green tomatoes off the plants and brought them in to see if I could finish ripening them. I don’t know how many of these will actually ripen, but I have hopes of ripened tomatoes over the next few weeks.

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Yay! A Few Winners!


My rabbits did well at Nationals. I won all of the big awards in Chocolate.


And these two judges are the ones who made that possible by recognizing my good rabbits.


Of course, the tricksters had to leave me more messages.


And Bill went home with a new rabbit. Even if he wasn’t so sure about needing a rabbit. lol


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