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Garden Updates


The zucchini is still blooming and producing lovely little squashes.


The green beans are still producing well.


The tomatoes have not quite started producing well. I see many small fruits on the plants, but they have not come through with the harvest yet.



I even had 2 volunteer sunflowers that sprouted and bloomed. There is a third, but it is still waiting to bloom. I think they are rather pretty though I had not anticipated planting them. Honestly, they were an accident of the rabbit poop. When I turned the compost over in the garden, I must have scooped up some black oil sunflower seeds in the mix. Luckily, they cropped up in good places, so I left them.

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The Wheat Field

I really liked the field next to us this year. Our neighbors planted wheat and it was beautiful. Rich, full, ripe heads that swayed with the breeze. They harvested recently and left the stalks longer than I thought prudent. Turns out they were planning to make wheat, but wanted to wait a bit.

I had fun watching the loader and tractor buzz around the field and make straw stacks last week. A few photos seemed in order so that you could see it too!




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Plum Juice

Last year when the plums decide to over produce, I gave up and made gallons of plum jam. This year I took a different road.


Plum juice. Destined for ??? I don’t really know yet. I’m thinking maybe some jelly. Possibly some wine? How difficult is it to make plum wine? Anyone have any experience with this? What else could I make with my plum juice?

I have a lot of plums still to deal with on the trees. So, do I make some jam or butter or give up and juice the little things?

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The Watermelon


It has captured my attention. Check out how big this thing is. Growing by leaps and bounds, it’s larger now than when I took this photo. At least the size of my fist. It keeps growing bigger every day. If I remember correctly the plant is an 18-24 inch spread that produces 6-8 pounds melons. I’m just a bit giddy with the idea of such a lovely potted plant that produces fruit.

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Tiny hot peppers. I think these are the jalapenos. I’m not sure though.


Lovely first cucumber. There are more on the way. So many lovely flowers.


Eggplants. They are the tiny variety. I made sure to buy them because I like them so much better than the giant Italian variety.


Tomatoes. I haven’t had many yet, only a handful of the little golden nugget kind.


These are the tigerella tomatoes. I love the green stripes on these fruits.


Zucchini. I might have a few zucchini. Ahem.


Green beans. Or in this case, purple beans. I really love this variety. They are fast, productive, tender, and easy to spot.


Also, the lovely sugarpot watermelon has decided to produce a tiny watermelon for me.


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