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I Bought Some Ducks

Yes.  I did.  I’ve wanted ducks for ages.  I just love watching those ducklings paddling in the water.  The peeping I could use less of, but they just don’t understand when you try to talk to them about being quieter.  It’s funny how quickly they imprinted on me.  They were following me around the yard in less than two days.

I don’t yet know for certain how many drakes I have (though I suspect only one and am fine with that), so until the ducklings have grown enough to know for certain I am refraining from naming them.  I take them around the garden and the yarn when I am outside and they just peep and forage and have the best time.  It was a real treat one morning when the rain left nice puddles in the garden and they were so happy and flappy.  I’m really enjoying this duck adventure.  I bought magpie ducks because I like the black and white.  They aren’t too large for a duck breed, and hopefully they will lay eggs.  Of course, if I do have three hens I may have to find an outlet for some eggs.

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Illinois for the weekend

As most of you remember, I judge rabbit shows.  I took a job up near Chicago, IL and we decided to make a weekend of it.  It started with some antique hunting in Springfield on the way north where I spotted some tatted edgings and fun bottles.  Then we wandered up to the town for the rabbit show.  After I finished judging on Sunday, we wandered further north to Chicago.

Navy Pier was fun, and the sunset was amazing.  We had deep dish pizza, because I really wanted some!  Then we went back to Navy Pier the next morning and toured the waterfront while learning about architecture.  I loved the Jetson’s style building.  Then a walk up the Magnificent Mile yielded an amazing dress made of candy and yummy popcorn.  I had so much fun.  I’m already looking forward to our next trip.

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Growing Garden

Of course the garden is growing.  Here it is in the early stages.  The plants are just starting to really grow and with any luck I’ll have a fantastic harvest this summer and fall.  I’m trying many new to me varieties of vegetable plants and some new-for-my-garden plants as well.  There is something utterly soothing about working in the garden and watching my vegetables grow.   I love having my own produce and finding new recipes to use up all of the vegetables.

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Always Babies

There are always babies and they are always growing.  Little naked babies become big adults and I just love watching the little wigglies as they grown into my breeding animals.  With any luck, these babies will yield some very nice show rabbits for this fall.  The odds are never in my favor, but I hope with every single litter. 😉

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I Went On Adventures

I ate at Jilly’s Cupcakes with my buddy Dustin.  We found some adorable succulents after our excursion into U-City and I shared some cupcakes with my family when I went home to celebrate Mother’s Day and my brother’s birthday.  I ate tasty Dog n Suds and shared te french fries with Abbie.  Then Mom and I went to Shipshewanna again and even though the day wasn’t ideal, we still enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I love Shipshe and the only thing that could have made my day better was if I had found a mock orange bush.  I still came home with some goodies from E & S Wholesale and the shops in the flea market.

I Love My Comfrey

It grew, and bloomed, and it just looks glorious.  I love the comfrey, but the blue flowered ones are my favorite.  These are starts from the plant my grandmother bought me in the late 1990’s.  I’ve been growing and propogating and spreading that plant since then.  My mom still has starts and I left some starts in West Lafayette and Oregon too.  Comfrey is good for the rabbits, but it makes my heart glad to see it blooming again.