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I Finally Made it to the Zoo

I’ve been to a lot of zoos in my time.  I have to say that St. Louis ranks number 2 for me.  Cincinnati is still number 1.  Ft. Wayne is third.  Just in case you were wondering.  It’s amazing to me that the zoo is a free zoo.  I really loved the architecture and the walk.  It is a definite walk, but not as punishing as San Diego.

I had a fabulous time knitting my way through the zoo and checking out a lot of my favorite critters.  There are okapis!!  I am rather enamored with the okapi.  Plus tortoises.  Also a favorite Kelli animal.


And red pandas! If St. Louis had manatees, it would be all of Kelli’s favorites in one place.

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Not Sure Where to Start

The garden really outdid itself with peppers this year.  It was amazing.  I’ve never really had the dab hand with pepper growing and to say I was surprised it putting it mildly.  Look at those lovely long red jimmy nardello peppers.  I made some red pepper relish out of that lot and still have a number of green ones hiding in the fridge right now.

ARBA Convention came and went.  It was harried and busy and exhausting.  I took almost no photos and am ever so glad that other people were taking photos because I would have been so very sad to not have some photos of the many memories we made.

Lauren came to visit after Convention and we spent some time in the fabulous Missouri Botanical Garden.  Avi loves to visit the Koi there and I don’t mind at all.  The garden is beautiful at any time of year.  I am so looking forward to the Christmas lights.  Being members has been completely worth while.

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Blogging Time


Happy Birthday to Me!  I just finished this little hat design and I’m hoping to fit in a few more little accessories in between all of the club pattern work and other crazy things going on. 🙂

Finding blogging time is next to impossible right now.  I have several new designs that I am working on for some clubs and I’m swamped with fiber festivals and trunk shows and rabbit shows.  We are steadily moving forward with developing the slow crawl in Oregon and Washington.  Plus, with the shop move we are trying new things in regards to classes, kals, and inventory.   All this to say, I will be back and I haven’t abandoned the blog.  I just need a bit more time in every day.

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We Moved the Shop in Oregon!

In the space of about a week, we completely built and moved our old shop from Orenco Station in Hillsboro to Downtown Hillsboro, Oregon.  It was quite an adventure, but in addition, it was exhilarating.  We have a glorious new shop and fantastic new spaces to enjoy.  I love the idea of teaching in the new “Fleece Room” and seeing how our space is transformed as we continue to grow into the new space.

The grand opening is this weekend, October 20 & 21, 2017 so I hope you’ll stop by.

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The Next Generation

Today is the last day of the ARBA Convention and I’m sure I’m swamped.  I hope my rabbits have shown well and I’m enjoying a bit of a rest.   More likely I’m running my feet off and packing to come home.  These babies are my next generation.  24 years of breeding so far and I’m still chasing the improvements that I want to see and the “perfect rabbit.”  Here’s to 24 more!

A Bit of Garden

The last few weeks have been a last gasp for the garden.  Pumpkins are ripening.  Tomatoes are finally turning red.  The peppers are changing.  A final few cucumbers are dangling on the dying vines. The Patio Baby eggplants have been overly productive and we’ve had to be creative in finding ways to eat them.

I’m hoping the carrots and beets will be ready soon too.  They were a touch small when I pulled a few up last month, so I’m hoping that they have added some width and will be ready to harvest.  I’m tempted to try putting in a winter garden with some garlic and overwintered kale too.

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Make a Little Vanilla Exract

I love making vanilla extract.  It’s simple, has great flavor, and is cheaper per ounce than buying it in the store.  I usually buy my beans at, but be warned that supplies rise and fall as the vanilla beans are harvested from an orchid variety and subject to the weather like every other crop.

  1. Wash and dry your bottles (you can find them many places)
  2. Buy vodka (my favorite is Sobieski, but I settled for Beau Clair this time)
  3. Buy your vanilla beans.
  4.  Slice 5 beans from tip to tip without slicing into halves.  (For double strength extract, add 10 total beans to the bottle)
  5. Fill bottle with vodka. Then cap tightly.
  6. Place in a cool, dark place (like the back of a cabinet) for a minimum of 3 months.

There you go!  Now you too can make your own vanilla extract.

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A New Club!


I’m so excited to announce that I will be designing a new club for Dianna at the Knitting Boutique.  It’s the Perfectly Vintage Club.

“Our Perfectly Vintage club combines inspiration from pattern books, magazines, and photos from the past.  Each kit is designed around one vintage pattern that inspires Kelli, but which features her own modern knitting flair!  With yarns that range from the wild and wooly naturally colored PCC yarn to soft and luxurious cotton, you never know which fiber and pattern you might see next.  For this first year, we are working with yarns that will probably be new to you.  This club will even include an exclusively dyed colorway from Lilliput Yarn and a brand new tweed fingering weight yarn from Kokomo Yarns!”

Join me on a vintage adventure as I find old patterns and make them new again.

Belle Meade

Probably the best part of my trip was Belle Meade plantation.  Firstly, I love history.  Secondly, though I am not a horse girl, I was horse crazy.  So the opportunity to see this place was not something I wanted to pass by.  While the farm is long gone and the horses dispersed in the early 1900’s, this bit of land was the site of America’s premier stud farm throughout much of the 1800’s.  The history and museum are certainly worth a visit.  Plus, the tour comes with a wine tasting.  I did indeed take home some sweet Belle Meade wine too.  So, yummy.

Oh, and I was a bit fascinated by all of the carriages.  You see, I have a penchant for reading trashy historical novels and I just never bothered to really look at what the different carriages described in the novels look like.  Well, I had quite an opportunity to check out the various carriages and suddenly those novels made so much more sense.  I have images in my mind now and if I really need a refresher, my own photos to look to for that purpose.