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I Guess I Just Love Black and White

The duckies are growing.  We made them a little play pen thanks to the generosity of my friend Roy and Avis handiness.  Roy had an old dog house (insulated and everything!) that he didn’t need.  So, between the dog house and the roof structure, we just needed a bit of fencing for right now.  The ducks are super happy with the new accomodations as they are very close to the pond.  When we are home, I open the gate and leave them to run in and out at will.  They have already learned to run to the house when scared, or when hungry, or any time they want.  I’m really enjoying the goofy ducks.


Tatting Progress

I’m steadily working my way through the edging for Breelyn’s christening bonnet.  I know Brett and Kaitlyn have scheduled a christening for sometime in August.  So, now I have to get this finished!  I had 8.5 repeats left in the photo above and have worked on it steadily over the holiday weekend.  I think I have one or two motifs left now.  I haven’t really counted.  Of couse, after I finish the edging, I have to sew it on and make the bonnet, but we’ll cross that bridge later. 🙂

Happy Fourth!

May the fruits be with you.  lol  All of those flowers sure did produce fruit.  I’m amazed at how well the garden is growing this year even with my neglect in terms of weeds.  I did try at the beginning to take out the weeds, but I’m a lazy gardener so I just don’t like weeding after a few weeks.  If I had just a bit more bunny poop in the garden, then things would be growing even better.  Next year the garden shall have more poop and it will be lovely and productive. Plus, maybe I’ll get on top of the weeds better.  Or maybe I’ll just convince Avi to put more of the crushed cob litter IN the garden instead of the YARD.

Garden Flowers

It’s an excitingly floral place in the garden right now and that means there are all kinds of fruits growing too.  Even the onions are in on the flowering.  Avi insisted that I needed to let the three onions bloom because he can cook with the onion seeds, so I agreed.  It was only three out of the 100 after all.  So, I suppose I’ll let the onions go to seed. My grandmother always popped the heads off so I feel a little awkward every time I see them blooming, like I forgot to do something.

I’m fighting the mighty squash bug again too.  I keep taking off eggs and squishing the adults that I find.  I’m heartily sick of the wee beasties but I’ve done a better job in finding and destroying them this year.  Next year I think we will make a screen shield for the plants until they start blooming.  That should thwart the evil beasts.  Any additional tips for destroying the squash bugs are welcome.  Right now I’m scraping eggs off and dusting for the adults.  Plus squishing them any time I see them.  I also trimmed all of the leaf litter and removed it, as well as any dying leaves.

Garden Grown

Clearly I am a lazy gardener.  There are plenty of weeds in these photos, but additionally, there are a lot of happy growing plants. We have already harvested some zucchini, green beans, and mustard greens.  I’m looking forward to my tomato harvest too!  I know I’ll have lots of them this fall barring any bacterial wilt.  I lost a few of my plants and one row really doesn’t seem to be growing as well.  I am not entirely certain of why they are not growing as well, but I’ve dropped a little extra fertilizer on them just in case.

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TNNA 2017

We had a blast, although it was a lot of work.  Set-up, planning, sample it, and take-down all certainly take a lot of time.  It’s effort in terms of cash of course, but so many much more effort in hours.  We loved seeing all of the shops and collaborating with the other businesses, but I was exhausted after those five days.  To top it all off, my car starter died on the way back from Columbus, but thanks to the lovely ladies at the Black Sheep Yarn and Fiber Art in Noblesville, IN I had lunch and a cozy spot to wait for the tow truck to arrive.

I sold all of my Froth and Foam books that I had with me, but there are still several more to be had!  I’m so pleased at how well the book was received, but I sure wish I had packed more in the car.  lol

I Bought Some Ducks

Yes.  I did.  I’ve wanted ducks for ages.  I just love watching those ducklings paddling in the water.  The peeping I could use less of, but they just don’t understand when you try to talk to them about being quieter.  It’s funny how quickly they imprinted on me.  They were following me around the yard in less than two days.

I don’t yet know for certain how many drakes I have (though I suspect only one and am fine with that), so until the ducklings have grown enough to know for certain I am refraining from naming them.  I take them around the garden and the yarn when I am outside and they just peep and forage and have the best time.  It was a real treat one morning when the rain left nice puddles in the garden and they were so happy and flappy.  I’m really enjoying this duck adventure.  I bought magpie ducks because I like the black and white.  They aren’t too large for a duck breed, and hopefully they will lay eggs.  Of course, if I do have three hens I may have to find an outlet for some eggs.