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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More

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New Hair!


I told Susie to just “cut my hair” and I think she did a fine job!  I love my new cut and color.  It makes me so much lighter.  Happier even.  I was so happy to have my hair all joyful and freshly cut before Yarn Crawl.

I think I might just have to have Susie refresh my hair again soon.

Yarn Crawl Was Amazing

We had so much fun and met a ton of people!  It’s a ton of work though.  And after this year, we talked about not doing the Rose City Yarn Crawl again.  It was really just too much work in too short of a time.  So, we are going to try something new.  It should be fun and it will be work, but it will also be over a longer time period.  Which I greatly appreciate.  By the end end of Yarn Crawl I was assuredly exhausted.  In fact, I was so tired and run down from all of the travel that I caught that horrible head/chest cold that  is going around that lays you our for a month.  I’m sort of over it now, but oy!  It has been a true journey recovering from that.

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And My Book!

Oh.  How excited I was to see this book in print. I’m still excited.  Two books!  I’ve published two book nows!  You know what’s scary?  I’m already planning at least two more.  🙂  Which one should I do next? Accessories like mitts, mittens, hats, and cowls?  Or maybe one with cables and lace?  Or should I write a book about modern lace traditions?  I’m kicking around a lot of different ideas.

I Went To Oregon

Where I judged a rabbit show, played with yarn, and was hugged by a cat.  I also helped ready the shop for yarn crawl.  As always, I ate good food, had good times with friends, and enjoyed visiting Oregon.  I like visiting Oregon so much better than living there.

I Have a Niece

And much of my time has been taken in visiting the family and playing with her for the last few weeks.  I’m still knitting, and designing, and gardening, and getting ready for several shows.  But, look at this cute face.  Most babies aren’t cute for sure.  This one is though.


Some of My Current

So, sometimes in the process of creating a new pattern, I have to rip back.  That is what happened with that big pink blob, but it also afforded me the opportunity to spread it out and really look at what was happening.  That pink blob is destined to be a shrug for the Tenceltown Club.  I know they will really enjoy the pattern in May!

As to those little washclothes?  I have an addiction.  It’s called the Almost Lost Washcloth Mini and I think I’ve made about 60 of them.  Then I bought more washcloth yarn.  So.  I have a teeny problem.  They are really just the perfect little palate cleanser of an evening. Or if I need to take a break between writing patterns.  Or when I need to think about a knitting problem.

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I’ve been a bit under the weather since I came back from Oregon.  I’ve been fighting a really bad head color with lots of snot and coughing and difficulty breathing.  Things are a little unsettled right now as well so until I really have a chance to sit down and write, the blog will stay sparse.

I’m still designing patterns and still working on new things to share.  I just need some time to recuperate.  In a few days maybe I can share some WIP photos and talk about some of the changes going on.

Here’s a photo of my pretty orchid that rebloomed to tide you over.