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Lest You Think I Have Abondoned You

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I took some time and made a lovely batch of pumpkin puree from 6 of the pumpkins I grew this year.  First, I just loved the pumpkins in the garden, they resisted the damnable squash bugs the longest.  Long after the other plants were dead from the squash bugs, these Long Island Cheese pumpkins were still growing strong.  They also made a good amount of pumpkin puree.

I didn’t have quite the amount of seeds that I was expecting, but I think it was because I had to take some of the pumpkins off early before a frost and they just weren’t done growing yet.  So, many of them were flat and not fully formed.  Saying that, the seeds were lovely roasted and I discovered that it was much better to dry them fully for two days before I roasted them.

Well!  Back to work now.  I’m about to pop out and finish my Christmas shopping because we are having our family Christmas this weekend.

One thought on “Lest You Think I Have Abondoned You

  1. I’ve never heard of Long Island Cheese pumpkins. Off to Google. . .