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About the Knitter Bunny

Hi!  If you’ve clicked on this, I guess you want to know a little more about me.

I’m a knitter.  Oh, well, you knew that.  I crochet too.  I also weave, spin, and tat.  Though I usually knit or spin, I do enjoy my other fibery pursuits as well.

I also raise Dutch rabbits, have one barn cat (Stash), and my evil Australian Shepherd puppy (Abbie).

Currently I am exploring how to create patterns and trying my hand at some of the crazy concotions in my mind.  Thanks for popping over to my blog and I hope you’ll stay awhile. 🙂

7 thoughts on “About the Knitter Bunny

  1. Hi Knitter Bunny! I noticed your blog about the Celery Blog. We literally just got back from there a few minutes ago! We are on the South side of Lafayette. Just found this pretty cool!

  2. Hi Knitter Bunny,

    I was looking for a knitted bunny pattern to make for my new nephew and stumbled across your blog. Your knitting is beautiful, but I decided I had to write a note after reading your ‘about’. I just laughed at what kindred spirits we must be – fibre artists. I knit (obviously) mostly shawls and socks (yes socks are easy to be obsessed with), but also sweaters, baby toys and whatever else strikes my fancy. But I didn’t start knitting until I was an adult. I started with crochet, then learned how to weave on a rigid heddle lap loom (eventually graduating to a jack loom and a backstrap loom – the latter learned in the mountains of Ecuador). About the time I was learning to weave, I also got a pair of angora rabbits, so of course I learned how to spin. I was never able to get really good at spinning, although I blame that somewhat on lacking any instruction and not having a good wheel. What made me have to write a note though, is that I also tat lace! No one tats lace 🙂 I taught myself to tat (from an old flyer one of my mom’s friend’s gave me along with a plastic shuttle) soon after learning to crochet – it is so simple and repetitive – and SO much more portable than everything else. You never have to worry about all your hard work unraveling while you are in transit. If you don’t already know about it, you should check out Lacis – a wonderful store near me ( and the Lace Museum – it is like tatter mecca. I’ve never been to Indiana, and honestly, it seems like kind of a strange place to me politically (the whole ‘middle of the country’, red state-blue state thing), but I’m really delighted to think there is someone there who shares so many common interests with me.

    Ok, must go find a bunny pattern for real. Cheers!

  3. Knitter Bunny Knitter Bunny Knitter Bunny! *bounce bounce* hi!!!

  4. Hey!
    Saw your site- its a fun read- i didn’t know you did all this cool stuff! I make sock and glove animals… i can show you sometime- plus if you have any socks or gloves that didnt turn out or something, maybe i could make a cute animal out of them! TTYL!

  5. found your blog —I’m a a bunny lover and knitter too — just thought I’d say hello! * Kristin

  6. How do I order gift certificate please? You advertised a special I think on revelry. Tks bob

    • Hello Bob,

      I don’t have gift certificates available through my Kelli Slack Designs website. I believe Ravelry allows you to purchase gift certificates. My shop at BlackSheep at Orenco also allows gift certificates. I’m not sure how to help you.

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