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Banks-Vernonia Trail

It was so nice this week that Avi and I decided to take Abbie for a walk on the Banks-Vernonia Trail.  It’s very close to our house and nicely maintained.

Avi wanted to run, so he took off after a few minutes and Abbie and I ambled on.


Not the best photo of her, but she was pretty interested in her surroundings and less interested in posing for the camera.


We had a nice canopy overhead and many green growing things around us. Except for one incident where she barked at another dog, Abbie did fairly well.


I just enjoyed the walk and the flowering trees.

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Walking Tillamook State Forest

So, Avi and a friend, and I, decided to do some morel mushroom hunting in Tillamook State Forest this weekend. Sadly we didn’t find any. We did have a nice walk though.

The trail is very steep and while the walk DOWN was pleasant, the walk back up was horrifying.

avi and yuhchi 2

Avi and Yuh-chi were ahead of me most of the time. I prefer the gentler sports of competitive knitting and downhill tatting, so hiking was a little more difficult for me.

old truck

We found some familiar sights in an unfamiliar setting.

calla 2

There were these giant calla lily like plants along a stream. It was very primordial and similar to a “Jurassic park” landscape.

log bridge

We found some fallen logs and fun bridges.

stream 2

There were also streams that meandered and gave us some great photo opportunities.


There were many trilliums blooming.

trillium on tree

There was even one growing on a tree.

mushroom stump

mushrooms leaves

mushroom shamrocks

We also found some mushrooms, just not the ones we were looking for on the trail. Yuh-chi and I are planning another excursion. Hopefully it bears more mushrooms.

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Scarf for Yuh-Chi

Ok. So, it isn’t actually done, but I thought I would start with the yarn. This is some very nice Rambouillet wool yarn dyed by Knitted Wit in the Moody Blues colorway.



I’m planning this long, loopy scarf that she can wear double or long as she wants. I might even make a pattern out of it later. Who knows.




I’ve made some progress on it while I’ve been gone. At this point I’m about halfway done. I anticipate some further progress on my flight home.

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More Flowers


I don’t know what this is, but oh, it smells divine.


This is the bleeding heart that we planted last year. It is looking very nice.


I’m not sure what this yellow flower is, but we have a lot of them and they are just starting to bloom.


Here are holly flowers. I always look forward to the vibrant red berries adorning the bushes in the fall.


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