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I (Sort Of) Saw Cary Elwes


He came to speak at Powell’s as he has a new book out. Unfortunately for us, there were about 500 people there to see him. Maybe more. It was a crazy number. Yuh-Chi snagged us a nice spot where we could hear him speak, but not exactly see him.


His stories were enchanting. He really does have a wonderful grasp of timing and chose some delightful stories.

What might have surprised me most though? He was a very average height. Somehow I imagined him to be very tall. lol

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Black Sheep Hoppy Feet

Is live. You can order the kits here if you are so inclined and I can finally show you some photos.

Northern Lights 3

Dreaming of the Caribbean 2

Hoarfrost 3

So, we are keeping the rest of the year a secret. The socks will be revealed 1 quarter at a time. You can buy the kits monthly at the shop or by the quarter through the website. I’m just all a twitter with the results.

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Zoo Lights

While Mom was here we took a trip to the Oregon Zoo to see the Zoo Lights. It was really impressive, though I’m not sure it is something I want to do every year.








We had hot chocolate and walked around viewing the lights. I particularly liked the ones that were “animated.” There was one set-up where the ducks “flew in” and “landed” on the water before “diving.” Yes, I did enjoy that one. The thought and engineering behind it was fascinating.


In this one, the lion chased the gazelle. I really liked the animated ones. :)

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A Tree is Cut


While I tried, unconvincingly, to assert that this was the best Christmas tree, Avi was looking for one that better fit his idea of a “real” Christmas tree.


Eventually he settled on this one, so I stood back and let him chop through the tree.


We loaded the tree in the little cart and tied it down. The Christmas tree farm happens to be right across the road so it just makes sense to tie the tree to the lawn mower cart.


Here is the tree on the mower with Avi driving.


And here is the tree headed to the house. You’ll have to a wait a bit longer to see the finished (decorated) tree.

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Abbie has a Bath


It does not happen very often, perhaps twice a year, but Abbie had a bath last weekend.  She always reminds me of a sheep while wet thanks to the crimp that appears in her coat.


Her friend, Jayne, sent a few treats in a package as well.  The toy has been in action non-stop since it was given and the bandana actually stayed on for several days which is surprising.


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Kokomo meets Hero

Hero went to the tree lighting at Orenco Station. He even wore the little sweater I made him for an hour. No fuss. He rode in my arms and was petted by many children and adults. Really, this is the calmest rabbit I have ever had in my barn.


Before we went out though, Hero met the shop kitty at Black Sheep, Kokomo. They had a very sedate meeting where noses were touched and bunny ears were sniffed.  I often enjoy having Kokomo on my lap, so it was very nice to see how good Hero was with her and also how good Kokomo was with him.


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