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WUG Picking Round 1


I really love picking at West Union Gardens. The berries are well tended. The staff are pleasant. It’s lovely to be out picking in the sunshine.


The berries are huge and when they are ripe, they are sooooo delicious. I had a little fall down with the silvan blackberries. They just tasted too good.



Even the bees were in on the act.  They were just buzzing and flitting about.



By the end of our day, we had 4 flats of berries ready for the freezer.  They will be lovely jam sometime soon.

Um, Again?

Yeah. I went back to West Union Garden again. I like their variety and that they are open from 8-8. So you have plenty of opportunity to go pick. I like to pick in the morning best. It’s cool and quiet and you can just pick to your heart’s content.


This time I sampled some pink gooseberries and Waldo thornless blackberries. Great, right?



The Waldo’s were very pretty with their canes arched up for support and easier picking.



The pink gooseberries are fantastic. I love the color and the bushes and the foliage. Really, I just love the gooseberries. I might have to grow some just because the bushes are gorgeous. I know most people would find them rather sparse and uninspiring, but I really like them.



I also found some pretty weeds.



And the bees were busy buzzing in the thistle flowers too.

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Berry Picking


I’ve been exploring the different berries available out here. I picked Tay berries and Logan berries last week. Then decided to pick some gooseberries and currants this week.



Luckily there is a nice big berry farm not far from the house. The berry bushes were full of gooseberries. I had a lot of fun learning about ripe gooseberries and checking out the hairy berries.



I wasn’t as impressed with the currants. The black currants really do have a vague juniper berry smell/taste. I only picked 1 box of those. The red currants I liked a little better. They had a much more intriguing flavor profile for me. I look forward to making lots of jam this fall when it is cooler! I’ve been freezing pounds and pounds of berries from home and from West Union.


I love the berries all lined up in their containers.