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TIAS Clues 7 & 8



Because I’m late showing you 7 and now clue 8 is out too!  I was really leaning towards frog, but then I thought it might be a crab. Now I’m back to frog.  What do you think?

TIAS Day 5


With today’s clue, I think I know what it is, a froggy! I could still be wrong, but until the next clue comes out it’s a froggy.  Sometimes I forget how much I like to tat.  I get so caught up in knitting and pattern designing.  With my photo shoot on Friday, it might be time to take a break and tat some more. Just as soon as I finish editing the sock book. 🙂

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I Was Unpacking At the Shop


So, if you didn’t know, I’ve been asked to partner in a knitting shop. I’m terribly sorry if I start talking about the shop ALL THE TIME. I’ll try to contain myself. 🙂 It’s been exciting and fun and an awful lot of work. That is also part of what is keeping me from posting as much as I used to, but I’m trying to make up for that now with lots of posts with all of the pictures I’ve been saving.

So! Back to my story. I was unpacking at the shop. We had a shipment in from Handy Hands and I was sooooo excited because it’s the tatting thread. All of the lovely tatting thread and you know how I love my tatting and my tatting thread. I had most of the items out of the box when I turned around and someone had jumped in the box.


Kokomo was in the box. Not just in the box; she was playing in the box. What could she play with in that box? Tatting shuttles. The cat loves tatting shuttles. She took advantage of my unpacking to bat them around the box and play with them while still in their packages. One of these days I’m going to shoot a video of me tatting with Kokomo on my lap. She likes to bat the shuttle when I drop it. lol


There she goes again. Chasing the shuttle. Ha!

How I Did

Well, I did enter a few things at the County Fair. The trouble was that I had to go dig through my samples to find ones that were clean, still blocked, and looked that. Oh, I also had to make sure they were from the last two years.

I found four things to enter at the county fair and they did quite well. A first for the lace shawl.


A second for my socks.


A second for my cowl.


A third for my bracelet. Which, let’s be honest, I found in the bottom of my tatting bag and entered it. lol I’m making a bunch of those bracelets right now, but I have to finish the ends and put the findings on.


So, all in all, not a bad showing for a quick late night “oh my god, what can I enter” dash through the house.


Northwest Lace Conference Part 2

The Teacher showcase was amazing. I can’t believe the talent and dedication exhibited by the teachers from our conference.


This was the table from our teacher, Elena Dickson, for the knotted lace class. Everything was so pretty.



I especially loved the flowers and scarf. Apparently the scarf has a hold on it should Elena ever decide to part with it and I am not the one at the top of that list.



This table was from the Romanian Point Lace instructor.



And then we get into a bunch of things I’m not too sure on.  I know this is bobbin lace, but I’m not sure on my styles.



This one was the wire lace table.  All of the lovely things on this table are made in bobbin lace using wire.  Some of them have beads and some of them are plain, but all of them were interesting and lovely.



Again, bobbin lace, but I’m not sure which kind.



And then there was the Orenburg lace.  It’s not particularly appealing to me as I don’t like garter based laces, but her display was full of technically exquisite pieces and lovely soft wool.

Northwest Lace Conference Part 1



The kick-off for the contest was Wednesday night.  Many of the participants were in hand and followed Jackie as she led the tour.  Unfortunately our conference was not located in a single building on campus, but spread out amongst 4 different buildings.  Fortunately, our conference was spread out amongst 4 different buildings and it was a lovely weekend.  The walk between the buildings each day was pleasant and sunny.



Jackie always seemed to have a smile on her face.  I swear that woman has batteries somewhere and they are labeled “Energizer.”



Shirly was looking her best and checking out some of the displays.



Pauline and Jan are looking a bit less quizzical than their friend.  I think I caught them all a bit unawares.  My friend, Lauren and I had a great time.  This post is already long though, so I will share more another day.