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Walking Tillamook State Forest

So, Avi and a friend, and I, decided to do some morel mushroom hunting in Tillamook State Forest this weekend. Sadly we didn’t find any. We did have a nice walk though.

The trail is very steep and while the walk DOWN was pleasant, the walk back up was horrifying.

avi and yuhchi 2

Avi and Yuh-chi were ahead of me most of the time. I prefer the gentler sports of competitive knitting and downhill tatting, so hiking was a little more difficult for me.

old truck

We found some familiar sights in an unfamiliar setting.

calla 2

There were these giant calla lily like plants along a stream. It was very primordial and similar to a “Jurassic park” landscape.

log bridge

We found some fallen logs and fun bridges.

stream 2

There were also streams that meandered and gave us some great photo opportunities.


There were many trilliums blooming.

trillium on tree

There was even one growing on a tree.

mushroom stump

mushrooms leaves

mushroom shamrocks

We also found some mushrooms, just not the ones we were looking for on the trail. Yuh-chi and I are planning another excursion. Hopefully it bears more mushrooms.