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So, I Went to a Rabbit Show


We fit a lot of rabbits in the van. Only 5 of them were mine.


These were the 3 I took to show. We had a good weekend showing. Javier (the tort) even kept chasing his tail. It made me laugh. A LOT.


My friend Karyn brought her selection of clay “pigs” (aka cavies) and rabbits to the show. We had a lot of fun looking at all of her wares.


I kept playing with Shannon’s fuzzies. It was fun.


However, Dawn’s buck gave me a heart attack because he was sleeping so soundly I thought he was dead. He was NOT dead. I did have to poke him pretty hard to wake him up though. He was less happy about that.

Nationals Once Again

I decided to forego shipping rabbits to the National Dutch Show this year in hopes of spending more time with family and friends back in Indiana. I can assure you that the cornfields still make my heart go pitter patter and that I had very little trouble adjusting to the time change. I can tell that it will be painful adjusting to the PNW time again. I’m already trying to sleep by 10pm EST and waking at 6:30-7am.

In any event, I did snap just a few photos of the showroom at our National Show. As always, the Ohio crew did an amazing job. I’m not sure who trained those Ohio Dutch breeders, but they sure do know how to pitch in and make the show run smoothly.


One the big black variety classes.

A few of the breeders helping at the tables.

Julie showing off the perils of carrying a rabbit to the table (giant pee stains!)


The view from the writer’s table.


And just a bit of the showroom.

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Trunk Show for Me!

I’m excited to let you all know that my first official Trunk Show will be during the Rose City Yarn Crawl, March 5-8th, 2015 at BlackSheep at Orenco!

I will be there on and off throughout all four days of the crawl. My patterns and samples will be there whether I am or not! lol

Here is a quick sample of what you might see if you stop by:








I really enjoyed this convention. It just seemed to fly right on by.


This is what the view at a National Convention looks like.


This one struck me as rather funny.


Brix was duly acknowledged for his appearance and came with a 9th place finish.


Someone’s doe was very worn out and had deep nap.


Our booth had a very nice backdrop. And it was manned by one of my favorite breeders.


Best of all was one of our youth members winning Best in Show.