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24 Hours in Seattle Part 2

Here is the second part of our little journey through Seattle.


Fremont Street Troll


Ballard Locks (Tagging and checking fish)


Butterflies at the Pacific Science Center


Space Needle


Lunch at Twisted Pasty


International Gate

24 Hours in Seattle Part 1

Lauren has wanted to visit Seattle since her first trip out to Oregon to move me and my things. As this was her 4th trip, I finally relented. While I did have a good time in Seattle, it was a miserable drive up in traffic, horrid parking the first night, and a miserable drive back down in traffic.

So. Here is the first part of our trip.



Pike’s Place Market



Pioneer Square



Underground Tour (totally worth it, enjoyed the tour guides and the tour)

Pike’s Place Market

Pike's Place Market


The very delicious French bakery.

Pike's Place Market 2


Gorgeous flowers all over and the peonies were in full bloom.  The smell was lovely when we were amongst the flowers.

Pike's Place Market 6


The fish smell however, it was not nice.  I did not enjoy the fish at all.  Watching the workers throw a fish here was somewhat entertaining, but really it’s just people throwing fish.

Gum Wall


And this thing.  Ew.  Why would you stick your gum on a wall.  It’s just unsanitary.  Unhygienic.  It’s completely against my nature.  I didn’t like it one bit.  Yuck.



Ferry Rides and Bainbridge Island

Yuh-Chi also suggested that we take a ferry ride and after checking out our options, we settled on Bainbridge Island. I thought I would have more trouble with the ferry ride, but as it turns out, I can handle a ferry ride just fine.

Seattle from Ferry 8

Seattle from Ferry 6



Here was our view of Seattle from the Ferry.

Yuh-Chi and Sailboat on Bainbridge


And we enjoyed a little time on Bainbridge Island at the Fay Bainbridge State Park.

Bainbridge Group