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Haul from Yarn Crawl

I’m not sure it counts as a yarn crawl when you only visit one stop.  In any case, I did have a smidgen of fun shopping at yarn crawl.  I came home with a lot of lovely Teresa Ruch as well as some Broken Pattern merino, yak, silk and Spinner ‘ s Candy superwash merino.  I also found something I definitely didn’t need: a new yarn bowl.  It came home with me anyway. 




It’s Here!

Today is the first day of the yarn crawl. I’ve scheduled this post as I will be fairly busy showing off all of my patterns at BlackSheep at Orenco. I hope that I see some of my readers there. Wait, do I have readers?

Well, in any case, I hope to see a lot of knitters there.


If you stop by, let me know you read the blog and I’ll give you a cookie. 🙂