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So, I Went to a Rabbit Show


We fit a lot of rabbits in the van. Only 5 of them were mine.


These were the 3 I took to show. We had a good weekend showing. Javier (the tort) even kept chasing his tail. It made me laugh. A LOT.


My friend Karyn brought her selection of clay “pigs” (aka cavies) and rabbits to the show. We had a lot of fun looking at all of her wares.


I kept playing with Shannon’s fuzzies. It was fun.


However, Dawn’s buck gave me a heart attack because he was sleeping so soundly I thought he was dead. He was NOT dead. I did have to poke him pretty hard to wake him up though. He was less happy about that.

Just, Can’t, Quite, Turn Over



This litter cracked me up one morning. They were so full from breakfast that they couldn’t manage to turn over for a few moments. I took the opportunity to snap some quick photos to share with you. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, rabbits nurse upside down, so these babies are full of milk.

I enjoy it so much when the does feed their litters in front of me. Most are too shy, but on occasion, I catch one in the act.


Lilac Baby


So, lilac is not an accepted variety in Dutch. I know this. I’m tempted to work towards making it accepted though. Especially when I find such a cute, fat lilac in the box.


Most of my Dutch babies, when well fed, are fat and cute. The head is rather nice on this one though. It’s so round.


And, really, the lilac color is rich and deep even as a youngster. So. I might just have to grow this one out and see if it has good enough type to stick around in the herd. It is darn cute right now though.

Spin Away

Every so often I do still haul out the wheel and spin something. I’m trying to get into the hang of spinning on a more regular basis.


I pulled out some of my stash of English Angora rabbit fiber (from my chestnut doe Deirdre) and started working on a very fine single. Eventually, I will make it into a 2-ply and maybe enter it at the ARBA Convention. I’m being harassed pretty regularly about that kind of thing.


There Might Be More Bunnies


Check out this baby. English Angora. Chestnut color. So. Cute.


You can see the chestnut here in the foreground.  Some Dutch babies and then in the back is the fawn English Angora and a second chestnut English Angora.


Oh and this one.  I love this sweet little fawn.  It has such long feet and ears right now.


I love the face and head on this one. It is just adorable.