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So Many Potatoes


The garden is still struggling on.  We haven’t had much rain yet here and that means the tomatoes have contiued to produce without splitting too much.  I think these might finally be the last of the zucchini and cucumbers.  I still have a lot of potatoes to dig, but I’m really happy with how many the first trench produced.

I still have a full trench and 8 hills to dig.  I’m definitely planting potatoes next year.  The return was huge in comparison to my output.  I do need to pay more attention to the plants and make sure that I build the hills up over the season.  I think some more shavings and nestbox filler will definitely make digging the potatoes easy and it’s a great use of those bits of rabbit gunk.  I do love using my rabbit manure for making a delightfully fertilized garden.

The Garden Just Goes and Goes

A few days of picking the garden continues to produce a lot of lovely veggies. The zucchini keep going and going and going. I think the green beans are finally slowing down though. And the basil is on its last legs. I’ve picked the flower heads at least 3 times. I might be able to snag one more picking from them before the frost sets in this fall though. The okra is essentially dead. We never really ate any of the okra because Avi claimed there was not enough okra ready at any one time. The little thai chili plant is loaded with peppers so I’m sure we will be enjoying those in the days to come. In a few weeks the garden will be asleep for the year and I’ll finally be able to share more of my knitting in progress! Not that sharing the garden is not fun, but I am missing the knitting around here.





Canning Day

It wasn’t entirely a jam day, so I had to name it something else!


Some cucumbers from the garden.


Which I combined with a purchased box of pickling cucumbers and Shannon sliced.


Which we then made some lovely brine for and packed into jars. Lots of jars.


But somehow we ran out of dill brine and had too much bread and butter brine. So, we made an experimental batch of bread and butter zucchini chips. That should prove interesting, yes?


I made some plum butter and sour cherry jam as well. It was a busy kind of day. Plus, I sliced 6 trays worth of plums and dried them in the dehydrator. No photo of those, because I was busy making tomato puree too.


I bought a box of tomatoes to supplement my crop. I just wasn’t sure I would have enough for all of the puree that I know we will use.


Here was the final night’s haul for our efforts. Not bad, eh? I believe it was 13 pints and 3 quarts of dill, 11 pints and 7 quarts of bread and butter, and 2 quarts and 1 pint of bread and butter zucchini chips. Plus 9 jars of plum butter, 14 jars of sour cherry jam, and about 2/3 gallon of dried plums.

Fruiting Anew



The garden has started to produce some really lovely things. I have already started digging potatoes. It’s strange that it is so early, but the plants had died back. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with the eggplants. I keep looking at those new potatoes and imagining lovely things with them, but I just haven’t quite decided the best way to prepare them yet. Again, just a few tomatoes in the basket. I’m looking forward to the jalapenos. Avi says they are sweet, but I suspect they were just not quite ripe when he tried one.

Plum Juice

Last year when the plums decide to over produce, I gave up and made gallons of plum jam. This year I took a different road.


Plum juice. Destined for ??? I don’t really know yet. I’m thinking maybe some jelly. Possibly some wine? How difficult is it to make plum wine? Anyone have any experience with this? What else could I make with my plum juice?

I have a lot of plums still to deal with on the trees. So, do I make some jam or butter or give up and juice the little things?