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See? The Garden Did Grow


The tomatoes and potatoes are in.


The green beans are growing.


The peas have grown. And I finally planted most of the seeds I was saving. Not that you can tell yet. Just give it a couple of weeks and the change will be more apparent. 🙂


Also, the red raspberries are just starting to ripen.


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Vegetables in the Garden

I’m sure the garden has grown a lot while I’ve been away at TNNA. Here is how it looked just before I left.


Kale’s eye view.


The peppers are all in a line.


The onions look stately. Tiny, but stately.


The tomatoes are all planted and the potatoes are behind them.


You can sort of see the green beans and peas in this shot. It’s a bit of a long view of the garden.

Garden Grows!

Several of the seeds have sprouted. Like the kale.


The green beans.


And the peas.


The potatoes are starting to sprout from their hills and trenches as well. It is so gratifying to watch the little plants start to come up.


I’ve put in the tomatoes, hot peppers, and eggplant as well. The garden is nearly planted for the season, just some zucchini, cucumbers, and okra to go. I may put out some herbs too, but first I need to see how much room I have left!

Finally, I Planted the Garden


Avi and I managed to plant everything except for the peas and corn one night this week. I planted the rest a day later. I’m not sure how some of these things will do, but I have high hopes for a bountiful garden.


I marked most of the plants in this photo. I didn’t mark the watermelon or cucumber plant because I’m not sure which one is which any more and they didn’t look very good. They may not grow.


Abbie decided to dig around in the peas. So, there was some replanting and a lot of cussing. We will see if they can still produce. I have high hopes.