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A Trunk Show

I traveled to Silverton, OR with Teresa Ruch to show off some of my patterns with her yarn. It was an interesting undertaking and as I’ve not done a trunk show before, it was eye opening. I learned a lot about packing and staging and how trunk shows are run. That is a good thing, because I’m going back down in a few days to help Tina with the Donegal Tweed trunk show. Here were 2 quick photos that I snapped. Sorry I don’t have more!



Oregon Flock and Fiber

It was last weekend and I should have shared that I would be there!  I was simply swamped and did not share.  That is a bad, Knitter Bunny. I was helping Teresa Ruch with her booth and Tina and I were selling some of my patterns and kits too.


Here are a bunch of my kits! Look at all of my socks. I really need to design some more sock patterns. I like socks and I miss knitting them.


This photo made me laugh when I noticed Teresa’s expression. I think of that one as “you are NOT taking my picture AGAIN, are you?”


Here is the wall of Teresa’s lovely tencel yarn. I arranged the wall and had WAY TOO MUCH FUN touching all of those skeins and making the colors flow.

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A lot of Produce




There are so many zucchini and cucumbers coming on.  The tomatoes are just starting to really produce.  As there are no gophers in garden this year, my green beans are still growing and producing.  I just blanched a bag of beans over the weekend and tossed them in the freezer.  The jalapenos are beginning to really produce.  Of course, I have lots of kale and some basil and cilantro.  It has been a lovely year in the garden and I’m looking forward to eating form the garden all winter long.  🙂


Quick Coastal Trip

I had a rabbit show in Newport, OR so I took the time to stop and snap a few photos along the coast. This is somewhere close to Newport, I think. I had a lovely time judging the show and really appreciated the easy drive down and back. The little towns along the coast are given over to very touristy things, but I think it would be fun to go be a tourist for a while in Lincoln City and Newport. I see a trip to the coast in my future for sure.





Baskets and Baskets


Of produce coming from the garden.  I’m still harvesting a fair amount of beans.  The zucchini just won’t stop.  I think I’m pulling somewhere around 6-24 a day.  The lowest I have counted is 6 and the highest I have counted is 24.  The light green ones continue to out produce the dark green ones.  The cucumbers are starting to produce well as are the jalapenos.  I pulled a handful of the leeks as well.  The are a bit small, but I was really hankering for some leeks.  Of course, I have lots of kale.  Finally, the tomatoes are starting to produce just enough that we can bring them in and enjoy them instead of tasting them out in the garden.

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Is one of my favorite architects. I love his open houses. The flow and sweep of them. The sheer beauty and functionality. So, on my way back from Sisters, I took the long route home. While out and about I stumbled across a Frank Lloyd Wright house. So, I took the very short detour and a few photos.



While the outside is always a little bit jarring and too modern for me, I do really find the designs interesting. I remember being awed by a house in Chicago and I’ve looked at photos online several times. I think I will seek out more FLW houses as I travel.