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Pot Garden


Perhaps not the kind of pot you were thinking? It’s a big buzz here in Oregon right now. As of July, maijuana will be legal here. I’m not sure yet how I feel about that. I think I am leaning towards, “as long as it does not harm me” I don’t mind it. Sort of like basketball.

In any case, I put in a few pots on the deck and filled them with some herbs and, with any luck, thai chilies. The empty pot is currently planted to chilies. I don’t like them particularly, but my husband does.


The mock orange is blooming profusely and I walk under some branches on my way to the barn. They smell lovely and it makes my walk to and from the barn more cheerful.


The blueberries are growing nicely. I’m looking forward to a nice harvest soon.  I took a photo of the new small buch because the old tall bushes have berries at head height.  They happen to be harder to photograph.



The little wild blackberries are beginning to ripen as well.  I’m starting to worry about whether I will have enough time to harvest and process it all!