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Mediterranean Knotted Lace


This is what I have been working on for a few weeks. It is a Mediterranean Knotted Lace motif. In fact, I have another little motif on the needle (as it were) and I’m hoping to finish it soon. For my first pieces, they are all right. If I can just practice this a bit more, I might even have some even stitching.


Northwest Lace Conference Part 2

The Teacher showcase was amazing. I can’t believe the talent and dedication exhibited by the teachers from our conference.


This was the table from our teacher, Elena Dickson, for the knotted lace class. Everything was so pretty.



I especially loved the flowers and scarf. Apparently the scarf has a hold on it should Elena ever decide to part with it and I am not the one at the top of that list.



This table was from the Romanian Point Lace instructor.



And then we get into a bunch of things I’m not too sure on.  I know this is bobbin lace, but I’m not sure on my styles.



This one was the wire lace table.  All of the lovely things on this table are made in bobbin lace using wire.  Some of them have beads and some of them are plain, but all of them were interesting and lovely.



Again, bobbin lace, but I’m not sure which kind.



And then there was the Orenburg lace.  It’s not particularly appealing to me as I don’t like garter based laces, but her display was full of technically exquisite pieces and lovely soft wool.

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Appetizers in the Eiffel Tower

My friend Lauren found some yarn while on the RCYC 2014 and she just fell in love with it. Being a bit slower than I when knitting, and a little less enthusiastic about knitting daily, Lauren begged her very good friend to knit the shawl she wanted with the yarn she bought.

ditet shawl 5

It’s a good thing she has such a good friend.

ditet shawl 6

ditet shawl 7

Pattern: Dinner in the Eiffel Tower
Yarn: Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter Light, 85% Silk, 15% Mohair, 400 yards, colorway H-16 Silver
Needle: US 7 Hiya Hiya Steel Interchangeables
Modifications: removed 2 repeats of part 4, removed 2 rows of stockinette before the last garter ridges on the shawl


Embroidered Sheep Towel

I don’t stitch much, but on occasion I dig out my embroidery needles and floss and whip up a motif. This little sheep pattern is for sale on Etsy. It had been a while since I stitched, and the first one, while cute, didn’t turn out as well as I wanted.


So, I just up and stitched another one. This one has some things that I like better and some things that I don’t.


I tried two different methods of transferring the pattern on to the towels: graphite pencil and washable ink pen.


Both worked ok, but I think next time I will try the dissolving embroidery stabilizer.


Both of the towels were gifts and well received, so it just proves that mistakes can only be seen by those who make them. lol