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Mediterranean Knotted Lace


This is what I have been working on for a few weeks. It is a Mediterranean Knotted Lace motif. In fact, I have another little motif on the needle (as it were) and I’m hoping to finish it soon. For my first pieces, they are all right. If I can just practice this a bit more, I might even have some even stitching.

We Came, We Saw, We Demo’ed

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being one of several gals who demonstrated at the Yamhill County Fair. Alice happens to volunteer there every year, so we have the opportunity to demonstrate.


The gals brought some lovely lace pieces to show off. Here are several lovely examples of Mediterranean Knotted Lace.


Some bobbin lace.


Lots and lots of bobbin lace.


However, there were many different laces represented in the competition.


Here are most of the gals with their pillows and bobbin lace.


And here is Elena, working on her Mediterranean Knotted Lace.  Yes, she did crack the whip on me and I had to remember how to do all of those stitches I learned last month.  Then she taught me a few new ones.  And on Monday night, I took another class with her and she cracked the whip again.  “Just 2 more rounds, Kelli.” Ha.

Northwest Lace Conference Part 3


There are just a few more pieces of the Northwest Lace Conference that I wanted to share. This is the quilt that was made by a member and raffled off. The butterflies were all made by members of the Portland Lace Society. There are many different types of lace represented on the quilt and it was lovely.


Lauren and I were looking pretty chipper that first day. Each day we were a little more tired though. Those long days and short nights took their toll.


We rode with Jean and Shirley, so I took their photo. Somewhat unawares I think.


The lace contest had several entries.  The themes were original pattern and contest theme.  I think.  Anyway.  I enjoyed seeing all of the entries and the creativity that went with them.


Then there were the display pieces.


So many different kinds of lace on display.




I have to admit that I was inspired by all of the pieces on display. Most especially by the knotted lace items as I chose to take the knotted lace flower class. It seems I have shared many photos and I will have to add one more part to my tale. So, look for part 4 tomorrow. 🙂


Beautiful Old Lace

At my last Portland Lace Society meeting, Alice brought in some very old, very delicate, very neat lace.  She was given a box of old lace that had been worn by her employer’s great-great-grandmother and those on down.  There were beautiful examples of Duchesse, Torchon, needlelace, mixed Brussels, knitted lace, point de gaze, and some that we had trouble identifying.



We weren’t sure about the little star/sunburst length in the above picture, but the bottom length is mixed Brussels (if I remember correctly) which means it is made with two different types of lace.  In this case it is needle lace and bobbin lace.



I can’t remember what kind of lace this was, but I asked what it was meant for and Alice thinks the back of a bonnet.  Ahhhhh.  That makes sense.



This photo has examples of point de gaze needle lace in the bonnet, Duchesse bobbin lace, and Torchon bobbin lace doily.  I think.



This is more point de gaze needle lace.  I love the 3D effect for the butterfly with the extra set of wings.



This is also Duchesse bobbin lace.  Again, I think.



I think this was point de gaze needle lace too.  It was very fine and had been part of the ruffle on a wedding dress.



Finally, here is a handkerchief edging, I can’t remember which kind of lace this one was.  It was a very informative day, but I’m no expert on old lace types either. lol   There are more pictures of Alice’s old lace pieces in my Flickr photostream if you are curious.