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Last Oregon Kits


This little kit is out of the last litter to be born here in Oregon.  I don’t even have any does bred right now.  I have to wait until closer to the move to breed again now.  This little kit is a tort, in case you were wondering.



These are some really fresh babies. Hours old at best. They were a little “underbaked” as I thought of it. As in, they did not stay in the womb long enough. Just over a day of life helped them to perk right up and darken in color so you can better tell they are blues.


See? So much better.


Big News

hoppy feet collage

What did you think I would announce on the blog with that title? Perhaps, my news isn’t that big to some, but it’s HUGE news for me. I’m finishing my first pattern book.

Yes. I have taken the pattern writing very seriously this year, and the result of my hard work is my first pattern book of socks. I hope you’ll take a gander at my work, maybe pre-order an e-book through Ravelry or a print plus e-book through my shop (at a discount of course!), and rejoice with me over the independent publishing journey I am taking.

If you’re looking for kits, we still have most of the months in stock at BlackSheep, so feel free to order your favorite kit and check out all of the photos on Ravelry.

Just, Can’t, Quite, Turn Over



This litter cracked me up one morning. They were so full from breakfast that they couldn’t manage to turn over for a few moments. I took the opportunity to snap some quick photos to share with you. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, rabbits nurse upside down, so these babies are full of milk.

I enjoy it so much when the does feed their litters in front of me. Most are too shy, but on occasion, I catch one in the act.

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We Have Kits

Again. The does have started kindling again with the start of my breeding season. I always enjoy my break during summer, but I do look forward to seeing the kits when my season starts again.


These two were the very first kits born during the season. They were a bit cold so I brought them in to warm up.


This doe was actively in the process of kindling when I snapped this photo.


This one was just a fat single baby. I couldn’t resist a photo. Look at how fat that cute little tummy is.