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Today Has Been a Kitchen Kind of Day

After being gone for more than a week, it seemed that my garden and orchard had rather taken over the house. So, I girded my loins and set out to clean and tidy the kitchen. Then I proceeded to mess it all up again with a pot of tomatoes, the steam juicer for the grapes, a crockpot full of apple butter, and a dehydrator full of zucchini chips. lol



I added some red hots (cinnamon imperial) candies to the apple butter about half way through the cook time.  The flavor was just barely there.  Next time I think I will double the amount I put in.


As I like the red grape juice better, I decided to just mix the red and white grapes this go around in hopes that the red grape flavor would be more pervasive.  It was a success.


I sliced the zucchini chips thinly and seasoned them 5 different ways.  Our favorites were the Lawry’s seasoned salt and taco.  I also quite liked the ranch flavored.


Plum Juice

Last year when the plums decide to over produce, I gave up and made gallons of plum jam. This year I took a different road.


Plum juice. Destined for ??? I don’t really know yet. I’m thinking maybe some jelly. Possibly some wine? How difficult is it to make plum wine? Anyone have any experience with this? What else could I make with my plum juice?

I have a lot of plums still to deal with on the trees. So, do I make some jam or butter or give up and juice the little things?

Final Juicing Day


I spent some time last week finishing the juicing of the grapes. I turned these:




Into these:





So, now that I’m all caught up on grapes, it’s on to apple picking.



Here is the closet so far.  I’ve given away 2/3 of the half pint jars already and a few of the quart jars and pint jars.  The closet is coming along quite well though.  I’ve filled it with many tasty things for the coming winter.

And It’s All About the Grapes too


Yuh-Chi wanted to make grape juice so I invited her over for some intensive grape harvesting and juicing.


We spent most of the night processing grapes.  


At the end of the night we had made 23 quarts of juice.  I sent Yuh-Chi home with a full dozen. Not bad for a night’s work.  There are a lot of grapes still to be harvested though.


And you know how the recipes and online instructions always tell you to check the jars for chips and cracks, they don’t tell you to look for foreign objects embedded in the glass. lol Brand new jar. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen something like that.