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Sometimes I’m a Joiner


Yep. I joined the Seven Skeins Club. I usually don’t join other clubs, but I just could not resist this one. The yarn and colors looked so fantastic. I couldn’t resist. It is giving me all kinds of ideas!  I’m really looking forward to how the yarns are used in pattern too.  I’m a fan of Kate Davies and I would love to meet her and pick her brain sometime.

My Favorite Chocolates

DeBrand‘s Chocolates in Fort Wayne, IN. I love their chocolates. I always make it a priority to visit DeBrand’s when I go home for a visit. I have yet to taste a chocolate that I didn’t like at DeBrand’s. Now that doesn’t mean I like all of their flavors, but I do love all of their chocolate. 🙂


The connoisseur collection is my favorite.  I love the little artisan square chocolates.  The jasmine is one of my favorite flavors, but really it is hard to go wrong with this collection.  I also like their truffles, but I rarely indulge in those as they are a lot of chocolate and difficult to finish in one sitting!


The classic collection contains my favorite single chocolate.  The dark chocolate raspberry is my absolute and utter favorite.  The liqueur and filling are perfect for me.


I’m a big fan of the new tasting bars as well.  The flavors are delicious and who can resist hot chocolate on a stick?  You just melt the chocolate into hot milk.

I love going to DeBrand’s every time I come home.  I always take home chocolate for a souvenir too.


A Sneakity Peak


Kokomo likes to monopolize my lap sometimes. Especially when I have other things to do. And even more especially when I am on my laptop at the shop.

As she was being so convenient of a lap-block, I decided to use her as the backdrop to show you a sneak peak of a design I’m doing for the Tenceltown Yarn Club. That is all you can have right now though. Just a sneak peak.

Spin Away

Every so often I do still haul out the wheel and spin something. I’m trying to get into the hang of spinning on a more regular basis.


I pulled out some of my stash of English Angora rabbit fiber (from my chestnut doe Deirdre) and started working on a very fine single. Eventually, I will make it into a 2-ply and maybe enter it at the ARBA Convention. I’m being harassed pretty regularly about that kind of thing.


Hanging At the Market

The second Sunday of the month is when BlackSheep hosts a crafting group at the Orenco Station Farmer’s Market. I had the honor of leading the group last month. So, I set up the tent, decorated a bit, and waited for someone to show up.


And I waited and waited and waited, but finally, Jain and Les came! We then proceeded to rock the market.


Knitting, spinning, and sampling our way through all of the booths.


It was a great day.

All the Yarn and Fiber

I popped along with Shannon to while she picked up here order at Ashland Bay. We had a delightful quick tour of the warehouse and petted several lovely yarns and fibers while we were there.

First all of the yarns and roving come in to the warehouse. They are often compressed for shipping and wrapped in some very BLUE plastic.


Then they open the bags and sort the roving and yarn, re-bagging as they go to keep things tidy.



Then the roving is pulled off into bumps for resale. I love the bits of fluff on the front of the boxes. It makes it easy to find the fluff for packing.



I liked the undyed roving/yarn aisle as well as the rest of the warehouse.


Shannon might have ordered some yarn and fiber to play with, and you can find some of her lovely dyed things here.


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Is it the End of November already?

Wow! Time has surely flown. I’m busily working on the “Black Sheep Hoppy Feet” patterns. There are pictures and links to come soon. I’m also working on a tatted pillowcase edging. Plus, I have a tatted scarf on the shuttle.

Then there is the shop sample of my Yuh-Chi scarf in Zauberball. Oh. I like how that is coming! It will be my fifth Yuh-Chi scarf. I really love this pattern. I think it might be my go-to pattern for easy and rewarding knitting.

I’m also planning some Christmas cookie making. I do love Christmas cookies. I think I need some cut-out cookies this year. Maybe some gingerbread, but definitely some sugar cookies. So, hang on until I can come back pictures!