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Beautiful Blooms Again

I feel like I keep using the same title, but it is so hard to come up with new titles when I’m showing you more flowers. Maybe I should surprise you all and start using completely unrelated titles for the flower photos.


Check out all of the huge poppies on this plant. I love the color too. I remember my grandmother having the same color poppies at her house.


The torch lilies are almost finished blooming. I am sure the hummingbirds have taken full advantage of the flowers while they are in bloom.


The chives are even blooming. Yes, there are some peonies in the background as well.


Ok. The strawberry isn’t really a flower, but check out the cute little berry. I just couldn’t resist taking a photo before it turned fully red. I’m not sure how many of these we will have this year. The strawberry bed is a bit sparse.

A Few More Blooms Found


The peonies have opened in glorious appreciation of the sunshine we’ve had the last few days.



The poppies are also blooming. I’m most excited to see these come back as Avi was trying to kill them last year with the weed eater. I had NO BLOOMS. If in doubt, ask your wife before weed whacking one of her favorite summer flowers. Honestly. The plants luckily came through the whacking with their lives and this year are blooming beautifully. I think one plant has 9 or 10 buds on it. Poppies!!

May Flowers

I was so pleased to find that my comfrey had bloomed this week. This is a plant that I brought with me from Indiana and I have kept a piece of this plant alive since my grandmother gave it to me in high school. I love the blue bell-shaped flowers.



My friend has some really lovely, and very tall, irises blooming so I snapped a fast photo of those to share with you as well. I can’t remember what she called these, but I do know that they are as tall as I am! I’ve always enjoyed irises, but I don’t often remember to plant them.


The Camas Are Full



I love when the camas bloom. We have a veritable carpet of them in our oak “forest” and there is nothing more magical to me than the setting or rising sun dancing through the many camas blossoms.  The bees also seem to love the flowers and I have had a delightful time counting the various species that I can recognize.  Don’t you want to take a walk with me through the camas blossoms?

The Blooming Continues 2015 Rose Edition

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the roses had started to bloom when I came back from Indiana. Now if I can just fight off the aphids things should really start to pick up soon.  Another few weeks and I should have some extra lovely photos of the roses to share with you.



This one happens to be my favorite of the varieties planted here.  I’m not entirely sure what draws me to this plant.  It could be the pale to dark purple or maybe the softness with the contrast.  I’m just not sure what makes this one my favorite.  The only roses that compete for it in my attention span are the orange roses.  I do love orange roses.