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How I Did

Well, I did enter a few things at the County Fair. The trouble was that I had to go dig through my samples to find ones that were clean, still blocked, and looked that. Oh, I also had to make sure they were from the last two years.

I found four things to enter at the county fair and they did quite well. A first for the lace shawl.


A second for my socks.


A second for my cowl.


A third for my bracelet. Which, let’s be honest, I found in the bottom of my tatting bag and entered it. lol I’m making a bunch of those bracelets right now, but I have to finish the ends and put the findings on.


So, all in all, not a bad showing for a quick late night “oh my god, what can I enter” dash through the house.

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Oregon State Fair Results

While I was taking a break from the blog, I made it to the Oregon State Fair to check out my results. Of my eight projects, six received firsts.








The only entries that did not receive a ribbon were my colorwork mittens and my handspun handknit cowl.  Considering that many of my entries were pulled from the “Christmas Box,” I’m happy with my entries!