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Fruiting Anew



The garden has started to produce some really lovely things. I have already started digging potatoes. It’s strange that it is so early, but the plants had died back. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with the eggplants. I keep looking at those new potatoes and imagining lovely things with them, but I just haven’t quite decided the best way to prepare them yet. Again, just a few tomatoes in the basket. I’m looking forward to the jalapenos. Avi says they are sweet, but I suspect they were just not quite ripe when he tried one.

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Tiny hot peppers. I think these are the jalapenos. I’m not sure though.


Lovely first cucumber. There are more on the way. So many lovely flowers.


Eggplants. They are the tiny variety. I made sure to buy them because I like them so much better than the giant Italian variety.


Tomatoes. I haven’t had many yet, only a handful of the little golden nugget kind.


These are the tigerella tomatoes. I love the green stripes on these fruits.


Zucchini. I might have a few zucchini. Ahem.


Green beans. Or in this case, purple beans. I really love this variety. They are fast, productive, tender, and easy to spot.


Also, the lovely sugarpot watermelon has decided to produce a tiny watermelon for me.