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Trunk Show for Me!

I’m excited to let you all know that my first official Trunk Show will be during the Rose City Yarn Crawl, March 5-8th, 2015 at BlackSheep at Orenco!

I will be there on and off throughout all four days of the crawl. My patterns and samples will be there whether I am or not! lol

Here is a quick sample of what you might see if you stop by:








RCYC- The Spoils


So, you knew that I was going to buy something. I was somewhat restrained. There may also be some books, and beads, and other little fun things that I bought as well.

In my defense, there is sock yarn for a dedicated project in that picture. Plus the green yarn is destined for a sweater for Avi’s our nephew. So, I wasn’t buying too many skeins without a purpose. Ahem.

Plus, a designer should have some fodder for creative ideas, right? Wait, can I call myself a designer?

Rose City Yarn Crawl Part 3

By day 3 we only had 5 shops left to visit. This was good because we were really starting to tire. Our first stop of the day (#14rcyc) was Yarnia. This is a cool concept. You can choose your components, such as a strand of merino, a strand of silk, and a strand of cotton, then have them wound into a cone together. You create the weight and blend of your yarn. It’s a very interesting concept.


From Yarnia we headed out to Happy Knits. Happy Knits had a really nice classroom space. Their gauge swatch wall was a good example of how gauge is so different between people.


Happy Knits is very close to our next stop, Yarn Garden. For two shops to be so close together, they are also very very different. One has a more modern feel, the other a more vintage feel. One is inviting by being full of warm wood colors, the other for its shabby chic appeal. Between the two, this area is well stocked in many different brands of yarns.


Gossamer was our next stop. And this one was another shop that was but a block away from somewhere I had been before. I stood in the cold for an hour with Avi one day when I could have been in Gossamer, toasty and browsing yarn. I have to learn to use my phone when I am out. There are a lot of yarn shops in this town. I’m usually not more than a stone’s throw from one. This place is also close to a delightful eatery. We enjoyed ourselves immensely at Ate-Oh-Ate. Very yummy Hawaiian food.


Our last stop was Twisted.  Twisted might have been my favorite of all of the shops just based on their displays.  I love the riot of color that can be seen on every wall.  The presentation takes a lot of space, but really encourages your eye to travel and take in all of the skeins.  This was our 18th stop.  Yes, we found our way to all 18 shops in 3 days.



From Twisted we went back to Powell’s (which we also visited on Thursday) and then back to Knitting Bee where Lauren found the perfect skein of yarn and took it home.  Whew.  That was a lot of yarn.

Rose City Yarn Crawl Part 2

The second day saw us venturing to all of the shops that were outside of Portland proper. We decided to meander to the shop that was farthest away first, and work our way back. So stop number 1 (RCYC #8), was Wool N Wares. Wool N Wares was a nice little shop, and they happened to be located close to a quilt shop. This was not a good situation for me. It took a lot of willpower.


Our next stop was Northwest Wools. This shop was very large and packed full of color. The gals there really liked my sweater. And my scarf. And my tatted jewelry. We had a hard time leaving. lol The day was so nice, we took our time in this area and stopped into a delightful bead store where I showed the sales gal how to tat.


All About Yarn was another large shop, and one that was hard to find. This was our 3rd stop for the day (RCYC #10). We were becoming a little peckish at this point, so broke out the bananas to keep up our energy.


Next we wandered over to For Yarns Sake. Great layout, really pretty shop, and some nice yarns too. This was our 4th stop for the day (#11RCYC) and lunch was definitely in order. After lunch and our yarn stop, we decided to check out Uwajimaya. For those who don’t know, Uwajimaya is a huge Japanese grocery store. They have all kinds of stuff in there. Some strange (to me), some delicious.


After Uwajimaya it was time to head to Knitting Bee. I had been to the Knitting Bee before, so I actually knew (mostly) how to get there and where it was. I also knew some of the lovely yarns sold there. We had a lovely time checking out the Knitted Wit and Black Trillium selection.


Our final stop for the day was Black Sheep at Orenco Station. This is actually the closest shop to me and I’ve been in several times since moving to Oregon. Lauren might have found something extra lovely, but that’s a comment for another day. After our stop at Black Sheep we headed for home.


Rose City Yarn Crawl Part 1

So, this post would be energetically long if I posted about the entire yarn crawl.  I’m not feeling that energetic. Instead, we’ll just break it into parts based on each day’s events.  This post is all about our first day on the yarn crawl.

We started off the day with Angelika’s.  Our day would have started better if we could find Angelika’s.  lol  We wandered the block at least three times in the car and then once on foot as well.  Not an easy place to find, but finally, we wound our way around and into the store.


Then we headed into the scary part of Portland (at least for me), Downtown. Stop #2 was Knit Purl. We really liked Knit Purl. Especially the clearance room. There were a lot of yummy things down there.


Stop #3 for the day was Pearl Fiber Arts. They carry Stonehedge which is one of my favorite yarns. It has lovely hand, feels good while knitting, and wears nicely.


Then we headed on over to Dublin Bay. I like this shop mostly because they carry Solstice yarns and they are extra nummy. Plus the shop is pretty.


Our fifth stop for the day was the Naked Sheep Knit Shop. We loved the logo for Naked Sheep. It was cute. I was doing really well in this shop, but didn’t make it out without a small purchase of some stickers and a stitchmarker.


Stop #6 was Close Knit. And it turns out that I was just a block away from this shop when I was out to lunch with a friend. I didn’t even know it was there. Honestly. We also enjoyed some delightful ice cream at Salt & Straw and some tea from Townshend’s.


We had a long day, but decided to swing over to Littlelamb and Ewe before heading home. This was a very large shop. They could have packed so much yarn in to this space, but chose a more relaxed and spacious feel. Don’t take that the wrong way, they have plenty of yarn. After this stop, we tried some tasty caramel corn at iCandy then headed home.