Knitter Bunny's™ Dutch Rabbits and Yarns

Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More



These are some really fresh babies. Hours old at best. They were a little “underbaked” as I thought of it. As in, they did not stay in the womb long enough. Just over a day of life helped them to perk right up and darken in color so you can better tell they are blues.


See? So much better.

More Babies!


More torts this time. I’m very fond of this litter. It looks like I might have same nice ones in here.  Good color, good markings, and hopefully good bodies. With any luck I have some show and sale prospects in this litter.

The Babies Grew Too


Look at how adorable the English Angoras have become. Those 5 days I was gone certainly resulted in changes in the babies.


There is nothing quite so entertaining to me in the rabbit barn as half-grown babies nursing. They are so intent on their milk that they wiggle and jiggle and jitter around seeking a teat.



And the does just want them to hurry-up and finish so they can go back about their business.

There Might Be More Bunnies


Check out this baby. English Angora. Chestnut color. So. Cute.


You can see the chestnut here in the foreground.  Some Dutch babies and then in the back is the fawn English Angora and a second chestnut English Angora.


Oh and this one.  I love this sweet little fawn.  It has such long feet and ears right now.


I love the face and head on this one. It is just adorable.