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Pot Garden


Perhaps not the kind of pot you were thinking? It’s a big buzz here in Oregon right now. As of July, maijuana will be legal here. I’m not sure yet how I feel about that. I think I am leaning towards, “as long as it does not harm me” I don’t mind it. Sort of like basketball.

In any case, I put in a few pots on the deck and filled them with some herbs and, with any luck, thai chilies. The empty pot is currently planted to chilies. I don’t like them particularly, but my husband does.


The mock orange is blooming profusely and I walk under some branches on my way to the barn. They smell lovely and it makes my walk to and from the barn more cheerful.


The blueberries are growing nicely. I’m looking forward to a nice harvest soon.  I took a photo of the new small buch because the old tall bushes have berries at head height.  They happen to be harder to photograph.



The little wild blackberries are beginning to ripen as well.  I’m starting to worry about whether I will have enough time to harvest and process it all!

Eggplant and Tomatoes


So, the Japanese eggplants are starting to produce nicely. I’ve had 2 other small eggplants from the plants and I’m looking forward to enjoying a few more. The zucchini are growing as strongly as ever and the tomatoes are doing their thing. I’m so excited that the large tomatoes are starting to ripen. I love fresh tomatoes from the garden. Actually, it’s the only way I’ll eat fresh tomatoes. I can’t abide the store bought ones.

And I’ve made a batch of fantastic Vicki’s Roasted Tomato Sauce. I’ll have to tell you about that another day though.

Tomato Season Has Arrived

Oh, yes. We are fully in tomato season. All of the varieties are starting to ripen. I have a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, though the yellow pears are trying to catch up. The cherry tomatoes are very sweet. One of my plants is setting red fruit while the other is setting a more orange fruit. It surprised me at first, but they are just as sweet and delicious as I could hope for, so I’m happy with the result!


This is my second year growing Black Krims and the first year I have been able to enjoy them. Last year my plant didn’t produce any fruit before succumbing to blight. The Black Krims are so good. They are large, only somewhat seedy, sweet, and very delicate. I had been waiting to pick the largest one because I thought it should be darker in color. When I lifted it to check the fruit, I was both pleased and surprised to realize that the tomato was ripe.


It is almost the end of my blueberry season. I have another pint on the bushes I think and then we will have to enjoy what I’ve put aside until next year. I’m ready for the end of blueberry season though as the plums, apples, and grapes are starting to ripen. Yikes!

The zucchini, of course, are still producing strongly. I’m already planning the re-arrangement of the garden for next year. I’m also planning an expansion. And plotting the death of the pests in my garden. Bwahahaha.


The blackberries are small now since it has been so dry. I’m still picking them, but I’m being very picky and careful with the fruit. They must be juicy enough and large enough to warrant picking. I’ve also been cutting the canes to reach better fruit when needed. I feel like I spend half my time whacking at canes and half my time picking when I’m out there.

The Last of the Green Beans


Yes. Those are the last of the green beans. You might be wondering why. The short answer is: gophers. Pocket gophers to be specific. Those bastards have eaten 70% of the plants that the slugs didn’t eat upon sprouting. It’s been a hard year for me in the garden. I know it looks like I’m doing well. There are posts with so many vegetables coming out of the garden. The thing is, I’m a better gardener than what my posts show.

There, I said it. I’m a better gardener. I’m not one for growing flowers, but I will baby my vegetables along. I’m still learning, but I have a good system. At least a good system for Indiana. Oregon is kicking my ass. Stupid slugs and gophers. I don’t know how to deal with these things yet and it’s cutting into my winter produce stash. Next year, if I’m still in Oregon ( a girl can dream of Indiana), I’ll be taking more drastic measures. I’m also planning an expansion on the garden. And it will be filled with “amendment gold” aka rabbit shit. That rabbit poo is just the greatest thing for gardens.


On a happier note, the blackberries are coming on strong still, so I keep picking. I think I’m up to 3 or 4 gallons in the freezer again. Maybe I should get creative and juice some.

And the Produce Cometh


I was gone for 3 days judging a rabbit show and when I came home I discovered that Avi had not checked the garden for ripe zucchini. OH MY GOD. So many zucchini.


Yes, those are foot long zucchini. Huge.

I also found a few more items in the garden that were ripe and ready to come in.


Plus I brought in a few plums. They were just a little under-ripe, but I turned them into plum butter anyway. The resulting dish was a little, well, sour. I’m thinking the plum butter will be very good in cakes though.


Lots of lovely blackberries coming on. I’m definitely working on some more blackberry jam this fall.