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Some Distractions?

Look! Baby bunnies!





You might notice that a few of these are not Dutch. You would be correct. There are some black mini satin babies and the other kits are English Angoras. They will look very different in the coming weeks as they grow so I will try to share some photos in another week.


Babies in Hands and Boxes


Some of the many mini satin babies born in my barn recently. I had 6 in my hand. They were pretty wiggly, but I think I managed an ok photo for you.


Here is the other mini satin litter in their nest in the box. Yes, there are 8 in there. No, you can’t really see them all. Yes, the fact that they are all black does make it difficult to tell that there are 8 too. And it doesn’t help that both of the mini satin litters were black and you can’t really tell them apart in photos. Just take my word for it.


Truffle was kindly feeding her litter and I thought it was rather entertaining. It’s not often that I spot a doe feeding her kits, but Truffle has been kind enough to feed hers several times while I’ve been in the barn for morning chores. I’m not sure if she is waiting for me or it’s just convenient to feed them before I give her some treats. Either way, she’s a funny doe. And I enjoy watching the bunny toes wiggle in the air.


My friend Shannon has some fluffy rabbits. Ok. A lot of fluffy rabbits. I took a few photos to share with you.



These 5 are some young English Angoras.  Chocolates on the ends and torts and a fawn in the middle.



This is an older youngster.  More like 10 weeks.  And a chestnut.



These are two of the chocolates from the first litter.



And this is a very well fed Satin Angora baby.  VERY WELL FED.  Ha.

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Naked Babies


These little guys came in the house to warm up after their mom died giving birth. It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes the does just don’t make it. Sometimes the kits don’t either. And contrary to popular belief, rabbits don’t “breed like rabbits.” Trust me on this one, sometimes I wish they did.

In any case, I found a foster mom for the kits that survived. We shall see how they grow out.