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Sock Hunter Episode 95: Old Favorites

Some time ago, I found a pair of Envy socks and talked briefly of the fate of some socks in this world. As with all things, I found myself revisiting the idea of those *Envy socks and searching for a new pair in the wilds where I had moved recently. It was with great delight that I found a pair of Envy socks again.


Still delightful, I watched the socks stretch long columns of eyelets to the sky and settle more firmly against the bamboo greenery. Though this pair was young, I wanted so very much for them to succeed as they set off in search of food or a nest. Being a conscientious sock hunter, I scattered some tidbits of lint about for them to snack on. Though I generally discourage feeding socks, the nostalgia overcame my usual convictions.

Until next time, this is your eager Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Mountain Colors Crazyfoot, Harmony Storm, US 1 steel Hiya Hiya DPNs, Temira Socks pattern (which is free on Ravelry through 9pm PST January 18, 2015, go, enjoy!)