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Another Night In Nashville

We love checking out Nashville, but I wish that there was more to do downtown at night than go listen to really loud music and drink.  We did have a nice walk that night, but I would have dearly loved something to do that night beyond walking past drunk people and loud music.

I enjoyed the stroll and checking out the riverfront.  I did most of the tourist stuff the last time we were in Nashville. So, it was harder to find fun things to do this time. We did have a nice dinner at Frothy Monkey, so I can recommend them if you are in the area.


Marathon Village Again

We quite enjoyed a trip down to Nashville again.  We took a nice stroll around the Marathon Village, including a stop at Bang Candy.  I really like the marshmallows there.  We popped into Antique Archeology again, but it’s really more of a tourist spot for me than an actual antique store.  I enjoyed checking out all of the museum items scattered throughout the Marathon Village building. It’s really sad that the area is so run down.  It could be a really fantastic shopping, craft, destination area.  I’m sure it will revitalize though.  There were certainly a lot of tourists there when we were.

From Around the Block

We happen to live in a very pretty area near St. Louis.  While I often appreciate the animals and wild things here, I also get frustrated with the coyotes eating my ducks and the deer eating my fruit trees. :/

In any case, I do sometimes like to go rummage through the parks and see what I can find.  One thing that caught my eye was this turtle.  There were actually two of them sunning themselves in a parking lot.  They dutifully turtle-trotted away from me, and I followed them trying to take photos.  Just imagine me saying “Hey, turtle! Stop.  Just stop so I can take your photo!”

I really wanted a photo of the hummingbirds that were feeding on the thistles too.  They are very tall and completely frothy with flowers.  The birds were fighting over them and I stood for at least five minutes just watching them flit back and forth.  I didn’t manage to capture the birds, but the thistles were still beautiful.

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Another Oregon Trip

I went back to Oregon and ran the shop for a week while Tina went to England to celebrate her mother-in-law’s 80 birthday.  I had a fabulous time teaching, judging rabbits, and selling yarn!  I watched the eclipse at the shop.  Kokomo helped me unpack some new Donegal tweed.  I ate at my favorite restaurant there, Oasis (twice).  It was a lovely visit with friends.  And I’ll be back there again next week for Oregon Flock and Fiber.


A Balloon

I forgot to tell you all about the hot air balloon that landed in the neighbor’s yard.  There was an older gentleman and he had a whole crew of co-pilots helping him to guide the balloon.  Avi threw a fit because he felt like the balloon was trespassing.  I told him to just shut up, go inside, and let me talk to the balloon people.

While I can’t say that I wanted to see a hot air balloon in the next yard, I was happy to let them carefully pack up and go back to whence they started.  It’s not everyday that you see a hot air balloon, much less have one land in your yard!


Indiana State Fair 2017

When I went to the State Fair this year, I had plans to go just a few places.  I wanted to see the Pioneer Village, the Home and Family Arts, Hooks Drug Store, and my family.  I managed all of the above.  I had a lovely visit with many people that I knew.  Susie did an excellent job cutting and coloring my hair.  All in all, my visit was both brief and delightful.


A Few Purchases


I almost forgot these!  While I was at IOLI, I ran into a gal who made pretty tatting shuttles.  I really love these shuttles.  Two of them are prettier than they are functional.  Oh, they do work.  They work just fine, but I love the feel of the nesting doll plastic one.  It has a very satisfying click and snap when I am tatting.  So, while I will use the others on occasion, for tatting, the nesting doll one is my favorite.  I should really find the maker and look for a few more.