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Forsythia Cowl


Did you catch the release of the Forsythia Cowl yesterday?  It’s the perfect little something to put on your needles.  Use that luxury skein you’ve been saving or the leftover bit of a favorite yarn.  At approximately 200 yards, this little snippet is just the right combination of thrift, ease, and fun to brighten up your knitting.

Marmalade Day!

I’ve never made marmalade before so I decided to take a stab at it.  There were a lot of lovely bags of citrus at Costco and I just couldn’t resist picking some up and making a batch of marmalade.  I sort of cobbled together a recipe from the one in my book and a few online.  It tastes pretty decent though, so I think I did a decent job. 🙂

I simmered 8 Cara Cara oranges, 8 mandarin oranges, and 6 Meyer lemons.  Once they were soft, I drained the fruit, reserving four cups of citrus liquid.  Then I sliced open all of the fruit and smushed the insides back into the pot. I thinly sliced all of the mandarin peels, one of the Cara Caras, and one of the Meyer lemons. Then I cooked the fruit with the reserved liquid until the fruit had further disintegrated.  I used Pomona’s pectin so that I could use less sugar and used about five cups of sugar.  The pot really could have used about one more cup of sugar, but maybe two. I unintentionally made about 26 cups of marmalade instead of the 18-20 I was expecting.


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Did I mention I ordered seeds?

Mostly a few re-orders for seeds that I am out of, but also a few new varieties and species to play with in the garden.  I’ve started a few pepper seeds this week and will be starting the tomato and eggplant seeds soon.

I even have a new friend here in MO who is beginning to breed Dutch again and also grows and saves seeds from his garden.  I’m looking forward to learning more from him and growing my garden again this year.  Maybe I’ll even take a stab at saving my own seeds this fall.

A Bit of Time In the Barn

The little torts have been growing quickly.  How cute are they as they grow?  And that little steel buck is such a cutie.  He hops to the front of the cage to visit with me every time I wander by.  Then there is that damned black doe who sits in her bowl constantly.  Well, I should say, consistently.  As she sits in her bowl every time I feed the rabbits.  I’m not sure if the food tastes better in the bowl or if she just likes having a wet bum.

There will be more rabbit photos again soon as I have several does that have kindled in the last few days.

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A Little Antiquing Find


While I was home for Christmas (which we celebrated closer to New Year’s), my mom and I spent some time at a little antique store close to her home.  I was delighted to find several tatted doilies, a couple of tatting shuttles, and a darning egg.  Plus one lovely tape lace (bobbin lace) doily with a little square of cutwork in the middle.

I’m always on the lookout for these treasures when I go to an antique store.  I rarely find anything, but I always look.  Some days I hit the jackpot and bring home a load of antique needlework.  There are always many crocheted items and occasionally the odd knitted item.  Tatting and bobbin lace are more rare though.  Once in a while I do collect an especially beautiful example of crochet or knitting, but I really focus on rescuing the better tatting and bobbin lace that I find.

I’m still looking for old Work Baskets, Pieceworks, and books or pamphlets with tatting in them.  I have found few so far, but it’s always fun hunting for them.

We Had an Icy Weekend

I ventured out on Saturday to take a few pictures of the ice limning the various plants around the house.  We had quite a layer of ice on everything, but by the afternoon the ice had melted from the driveway and roads.  So, we ventured out.  It was a lovely date night at Costco, Best Buy, and GameStop followed by dinner at one of the best Thai restaurants we have found.

At least the rest of the week is predicted to be warmer.

Darn It! Fixing Holes in Socks

I make a lot of socks.  For those of you who have followed this blog for a while, this will come as no surprise.  Many of those socks found homes with other people, but I’ve also kept quite a few myself.  My socks are starting to show their age and holes/ thin spots are appearing in many of them.

So, I took a class on darning.  Then I darned all of my holey socks.  Then more socks developed holes.  So, I decided maybe there were other people who had holey socks and needed to know how to darn them.

With this thought, I made a video class on Skillshare.  So, if you needed to learn this pretty simple, but important skill, you can check it out.