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Hanging At the Market

The second Sunday of the month is when BlackSheep hosts a crafting group at the Orenco Station Farmer’s Market. I had the honor of leading the group last month. So, I set up the tent, decorated a bit, and waited for someone to show up.


And I waited and waited and waited, but finally, Jain and Les came! We then proceeded to rock the market.


Knitting, spinning, and sampling our way through all of the booths.


It was a great day.

Quick Coastal Trip

I had a rabbit show in Newport, OR so I took the time to stop and snap a few photos along the coast. This is somewhere close to Newport, I think. I had a lovely time judging the show and really appreciated the easy drive down and back. The little towns along the coast are given over to very touristy things, but I think it would be fun to go be a tourist for a while in Lincoln City and Newport. I see a trip to the coast in my future for sure.





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Frank Lloyd Wright

Is one of my favorite architects. I love his open houses. The flow and sweep of them. The sheer beauty and functionality. So, on my way back from Sisters, I took the long route home. While out and about I stumbled across a Frank Lloyd Wright house. So, I took the very short detour and a few photos.



While the outside is always a little bit jarring and too modern for me, I do really find the designs interesting. I remember being awed by a house in Chicago and I’ve looked at photos online several times. I think I will seek out more FLW houses as I travel.

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Another Visit to Sisters


I have long admired this horse when I traveled through sisters and I finally stopped to take a photo of the lovely beast. Rendered beautifully, this sculpture just makes me smile.


I really appreciate the architecture of the main street area of Sisters. The town is pretty and well laid out with many interesting shops to peruse.


Plus, flowers!


This place makes me chuckle because I always think of Kalamazoo, MI and I’ve been there.


Ok. More flowers. I just can’t resist. Look at that pretty dahlia.


I had to pop in to the Stitchin’ Post while I was there too.


Some lovely yarn on the wall.


Some lovely fabric to pet as well.

I really did quite enjoy my visit to Sisters and look forward to stopping there again when I go judge in September.

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Artichoke Flowers

So, artichokes are really thistles. Just big ones. And tasty ones. I had never seen an artichoke plant in person until I started working for Teresa. Turns out, those plants are huge! And really kind of pretty. I can definitely see them in my future as a gardener, right along with gooseberries. I love the gooseberry plants.

Anyway. Teresa was busy and finally let the artichoke flower. Have you ever seen an artichoke flower? It’s kind of amazing.


That is my hand for comparison. Giant flowers!