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Last of the Garden



You might recall that I had dug some of the potatoes earlier in the year and have been enjoying them. Then I discovered that the ants were after my potatoes. So I dug more of the potatoes. I ran out of time before the convention to finish taking them all in. As soon as I had time, the potatoes were dug from the second trench and all of the remaining hills and spread out downstairs to dry. I am really happy with how many potatoes I dug this year. The plants were productive and the flavors are delicious.


I also took all of the green tomatoes off the plants and brought them in to see if I could finish ripening them. I don’t know how many of these will actually ripen, but I have hopes of ripened tomatoes over the next few weeks.

So Many Potatoes


The garden is still struggling on.  We haven’t had much rain yet here and that means the tomatoes have contiued to produce without splitting too much.  I think these might finally be the last of the zucchini and cucumbers.  I still have a lot of potatoes to dig, but I’m really happy with how many the first trench produced.

I still have a full trench and 8 hills to dig.  I’m definitely planting potatoes next year.  The return was huge in comparison to my output.  I do need to pay more attention to the plants and make sure that I build the hills up over the season.  I think some more shavings and nestbox filler will definitely make digging the potatoes easy and it’s a great use of those bits of rabbit gunk.  I do love using my rabbit manure for making a delightfully fertilized garden.

Lest You Think There Is No More Produce


There is still some lovely produce in the garden. The tomatoes are producing well. The zucchini is winding down finally. I have to admit that I am happy to see some of this zucchini die. I really did plant too much of it and I am ready to stop picking it. I’m almost to the point where I can tear out the plants and not feel badly.


The cucumbers are nearly gone too. I still have a few of these strange cucumbers coming up. I did not plant these intentionally. The plant grew from one of the seeds in my packet of course, but this was not one of the cucumber breeds I bought. Anyway, I just think they are kind of strange looking.

All of That Produce

Has to go somewhere. 🙂 I made a few more pints of salsa and another batch of dill pickles.


I also made several jars of tomato basil sauce but it was late when I finished those so I did not take a photo. Let’s just say the pantry is getting full. I think it’s well stocked. And I haven’t finished juicing the grapes yet!


Sometimes I miss a zucchini for a while. Usually I catch them before they grow this large. That is a big zucchini. I think it might have to be made into bread.


I’m just tickled when I find a tree frog out in the garden. This is the second one I’ve found in the garden this summer. Isn’t the little frog cute?

The Garden Just Goes and Goes

A few days of picking the garden continues to produce a lot of lovely veggies. The zucchini keep going and going and going. I think the green beans are finally slowing down though. And the basil is on its last legs. I’ve picked the flower heads at least 3 times. I might be able to snag one more picking from them before the frost sets in this fall though. The okra is essentially dead. We never really ate any of the okra because Avi claimed there was not enough okra ready at any one time. The little thai chili plant is loaded with peppers so I’m sure we will be enjoying those in the days to come. In a few weeks the garden will be asleep for the year and I’ll finally be able to share more of my knitting in progress! Not that sharing the garden is not fun, but I am missing the knitting around here.





The Garden Continues to Grow


I’m still finding quite a few cucumbers and zucchini in the garden. Thought the zucchini has finally slowed down a bit. That is a good thing. I do have to admit to loving the zucchini chips, but not having enough time to process all of them.

I’m also still finding green beans in the garden. This is rather amazing to me as last year the gophers ate my bean plants and I didn’t have many beans after July. When my thighs burn from picking them, I just remind myself how nice it is to have fresh green beans.

There are still some eggplants on the plants and I’m enjoying them enough that I think I will put in a few more plants next year. I could really use some more to make eggplant parmigiana. Yum. Eggplant parmigiana.