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How I Did

Well, I did enter a few things at the County Fair. The trouble was that I had to go dig through my samples to find ones that were clean, still blocked, and looked that. Oh, I also had to make sure they were from the last two years.

I found four things to enter at the county fair and they did quite well. A first for the lace shawl.


A second for my socks.


A second for my cowl.


A third for my bracelet. Which, let’s be honest, I found in the bottom of my tatting bag and entered it. lol I’m making a bunch of those bracelets right now, but I have to finish the ends and put the findings on.


So, all in all, not a bad showing for a quick late night “oh my god, what can I enter” dash through the house.


We Came, We Saw, We Demo’ed

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being one of several gals who demonstrated at the Yamhill County Fair. Alice happens to volunteer there every year, so we have the opportunity to demonstrate.


The gals brought some lovely lace pieces to show off. Here are several lovely examples of Mediterranean Knotted Lace.


Some bobbin lace.


Lots and lots of bobbin lace.


However, there were many different laces represented in the competition.


Here are most of the gals with their pillows and bobbin lace.


And here is Elena, working on her Mediterranean Knotted Lace.  Yes, she did crack the whip on me and I had to remember how to do all of those stitches I learned last month.  Then she taught me a few new ones.  And on Monday night, I took another class with her and she cracked the whip again.  “Just 2 more rounds, Kelli.” Ha.

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Oregon State Fair Results

While I was taking a break from the blog, I made it to the Oregon State Fair to check out my results. Of my eight projects, six received firsts.








The only entries that did not receive a ribbon were my colorwork mittens and my handspun handknit cowl.  Considering that many of my entries were pulled from the “Christmas Box,” I’m happy with my entries!


State Fair Happenings

Ok, just the knitting stuff. I volunteered with the Rabbit Ambassador program today and got to go see my projects in the Home and Family Arts Building.

The socks didn’t place, but they looked very pretty nestled among the other entrants in the display case. (Those specks in the picture? Those are dirt specks. I’d rather have it on the glass than on my socks though!)

My knitted “knucks” didn’t place either, but after seeing my competition I know why. Wow! There were some beautiful handspun projects exhibited at the Fair this year. Check out the scarf with the blue and purple ribbon in the next picture. Oooo la la!

See the lonely red skein? I think I need to make it some brothers and sisters so it isn’t as lonely. It didn’t place either, but I wasn’t expecting it to.

Surprise! My plied silk skein placed second in its class! Look closely, there at the top with the loooooong red ribbon. Yea! I won a second. But where’s my shawl? You know, the one that I was blocking at midnight on the floor. That shawl. Well, that shawl was even more of a treat. Imagine my delight when I saw this.

BIG PURPLE RIBBON! I won the knitting sweepstakes! I had the best knitted piece out of 18 knitting categories! There is even a prize. Whee! This was my first year entering knitting at the State Fair. I’m delighted, ecstatic, crazy happy, and I called Ms. Cygknit just to celebrate.

I’m cracking a bottle tonight. Celebrate with me and sniff the yarn.


Right on Track

Project Status:
1. Knitted Shawl-Done! Triangles Within Triangles Shawl
2. Knitted Accessory- Done! Here There Be Dragons Socks
3. Single Ply Yarn-Done! Ile De France/Dorset Cross 296 yds. of lace weight
4. Plied Yarn- Done! Tussah Silk in Yellow, Orange, and Red 124 yds. 2-ply sport weight
5. Knitted Handspun- Done! Knitted Knucks (without embroidery for Fair)

I am done. Shout it from the roof tops. I am done. Twist set, yarn dried, lace blocked, ends woven in. I am done. Now I have five days to make it presentable before I turn it in. lol

Pictures for your viewing pleasure. 🙂