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How I Did

Well, I did enter a few things at the County Fair. The trouble was that I had to go dig through my samples to find ones that were clean, still blocked, and looked that. Oh, I also had to make sure they were from the last two years.

I found four things to enter at the county fair and they did quite well. A first for the lace shawl.


A second for my socks.


A second for my cowl.


A third for my bracelet. Which, let’s be honest, I found in the bottom of my tatting bag and entered it. lol I’m making a bunch of those bracelets right now, but I have to finish the ends and put the findings on.


So, all in all, not a bad showing for a quick late night “oh my god, what can I enter” dash through the house.


I entered just a few items at the Washington County Fair in Oregon.






Not bad for a first showing. 2 firsts and 3 seconds out of 5 projects. The show looked pretty small though. I attribute this to the county fair requiring that items be turned in 17 days before the fair started. Yes, that is excessive and YES it contributed to the entries being very very low. Hopefully the open show superintendent learned a lesson from this. Who am I kidding, no lesson will be learned. People are stubborn.


2013 County Fair Results




Great-Great-Great Grandma’s Butter Crock received a blue ribbon and Great Grandma’s Poodle embroidered table runner was champion in its division!




Great-Great-Great (a different one) Grandma’s bonnet received a blue ribbon



My purple Cerisara cardigan and my purple Asterope shawl both received blue ribbons.



My two tatted garters and my tiny knitted Dutch bunny all received blue ribbons.



My rumpled socks received Champion in their division.



My green Cerisara cardigan received Reserve Champion in its division.



My lovely large Bella Botanica (which I haven’t shown you yet, but will soon) was Champion in its division.

Lauren also received a Reserve Champion with her muffins this year, and a blue ribbon with her tatted earrings. In all, I think we had a very nice county fair.


County Fair 2012

With everything that has happened, I haven’t had time to knit as I normally do. My output this year has been mostly washclothes with the the few things that weren’t headed for the State Fair. So, I dipped into the stash of handknits from last year to take to the county fair this year (you can do that, items have to be completed in the last three years). So, several of these items have gone to two fairs now.

There was a good turnout in the needlework section, maybe not as rigorous as in previous years, but it was still full.


Lauren entered her Marelda Neckwarmer (yes, she knit one of my patterns) and received a blue ribbon.

She also entered two pairs of tatted earrings which both received blue ribbons.

Fellow lace maker, Cathy won Champion in the Lace category.

My tatted handkerchief received a blue ribbon as well.

My Liblikakiri Shawl (the original) received a blue ribbon.

My Luminen sweater (even with the peanut butter slobber from a pup who shall remain nameless) received a blue ribbon.

My Mitered Crosses Blanket received a blue ribbon (sorry for the blurry picture).

The Lilac Leaf Shawl was Reserve Champion Lace (again, sorry for the blurry picture).

The Rosebuddie Blanket was Reserve Champion Knitting.

The Ravinia Sweater was Champion Knitting.

We also took baked goods, but I didn’t manage a single picture of them. 😦 I will tell you that we had blue ribbons on our Orange Marshmallows, Lemon-Raspberry Pound Cake, Almost Neiman-Marcus Cookies, Chocolate Zucchini Cake, and Orange Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. The cookies even brought in Reserve Champion. I have recipes for all of them, but no pictures. Perhaps when we make them again, I will manage to throw the recipe on the blog.

Oh, and my antique knitting needles were 3rd in their category. So, we had a good showing at the county fair.

County Fair 2011

After a lengthy discussion amongst my fellow lace makers, I decided it was high time that I entered the county fair. I even inspired my roomie to enter a few things. I never expect much out of county fairs. It is difficult to find judges, they aren’t paid well, and sometimes their qualifications leave a bit to be desired. Still and all, I thought I might as well pop a few things into the show.

You may recognize a few things on these shelves: the two shawls on the top (orange one now destroyed),


the green sweater on the shelf,

the black shawl in the corner,

the blue handspun shawl (now destroyed), and the orange baby blanket,

my baby sweater (reserve champion knitting), my hedgehog tatting, and Lauren’s snail.

One of the lacemakers in my guild won champion with her bobbin lace.

Dagmar’s champion lace: a bobbin lace corner.


I thought Regina’s tatting was rather cute.


Lauren also entered some food:

Peanut Butter Fudge

Lime Pound Cake

Apple Cinnamon Tea Ring (reserve champion yeast bread)