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Sometimes I’m a Joiner


Yep. I joined the Seven Skeins Club. I usually don’t join other clubs, but I just could not resist this one. The yarn and colors looked so fantastic. I couldn’t resist. It is giving me all kinds of ideas!  I’m really looking forward to how the yarns are used in pattern too.  I’m a fan of Kate Davies and I would love to meet her and pick her brain sometime.


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Haul from Yarn Crawl

I’m not sure it counts as a yarn crawl when you only visit one stop.  In any case, I did have a smidgen of fun shopping at yarn crawl.  I came home with a lot of lovely Teresa Ruch as well as some Broken Pattern merino, yak, silk and Spinner ‘ s Candy superwash merino.  I also found something I definitely didn’t need: a new yarn bowl.  It came home with me anyway. 



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A Bit of Stash Enhancement

I realized a few days ago that I have not shared my stash acquisitions for some time. There would be fewer stash acquisitions, but the Knitting Basket in McMinnville was closing and I took advantage of a sale. The Knitting Basket is no longer closing, has a new owner, and will be reopening soon. At the time though, I couldn’t pass up the sales.

Six balls of the rowan felted tweed. Destined for a sweater for me at some point.

Orange cascade heritage for some tortoise dutch colored colorwork mittens.

This is just going to marinate in the stash for a while.

I just couldn’t pass up this color. It was too too me.

Then there was my 1 skein purchase at Stitchin Post.

And then this delightful skein of Lilliput at Black Sheep at Orenco jumped into my cleavage and refused to budge.  It’s my color.  It’s my perfect color.  And the dyer said there were only 2 skeins of this.  It was an accident and she didn’t know how to remake it.  I couldn’t let go of it.  So.  No more stash acquisitions for a while.  It’s time for production.  Lots of gifts to make for Christmas.

Great Find



This place. This place was just. I can’t find words. I loved the layout. I adored the airiness. The staff were fantastic. I can’t wait to go back again. I wish I could transplant this store into every city so that others could experience this.




There was so much fabric. And there were quilts. So many goodies to see and explore.





There was yarn. Plates. Candles. Fun stuff. Even this funny game.

ps. It’s this store in Sisters, OR.

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Tiny Fall Down

Well, you see, Yarn Garden is closing. They announced last Tuesday that all yarn was 50% off. I thought about going on Wednesday, but between one thing and another, I didn’t go until Friday. By that point the shop was pretty cleaned out.

I did find a few skeins of self striping and self patterning yarns. I make Christmas socks as gifts for 3 people each year, so this should keep me for 4 years. lol


Random Sunday


One of the two shops that are close to me has moved. The Knitting Bee is now very close to my friend Yuh-Chi’s house. I wanted to see the new place, so I took a little drive one day and once I found the shop, I might have made a small purchase. It really was small. Just the one skein. Malabrigo is hard to resist you know.

mary anne tropical punch pendant 4

Then I popped over to visit Yuh-Chi and we decided to get manicures. I haven’t had one since my wedding. I have to admit, the gel polish lasts far longer than traditional polish. I’m already on day 12 and still no chips!


I happened to go wandering around the yard when I came home and was excited to see that my comfrey survived the winter and has started to grow. This is important for my rabbits because comfrey can often alleviate stomach ailments. Plus it has pretty flowers and I like pretty flowers.