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Montezuma’s Castle

The cliffs near the monument were pretty, craggy, cracked, colored, and veined.


Quite inappropriately named, Montezuma’s Castle is really a Sinagua Indian cliff village. We decided to take a quick trip away from Prescott to check out this site on Sunday morning. It was a little warmer at the monument than in Prescott, but we endured the heat.



The park area is well worth the entry fee of $5.




We walked the short trail and viewed both the more intact dwelling and a less intact cliff dwelling further on.




The Arizona Sycamore trees were gorgeous, even with the heat and drought.



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The Spice Traveler


One of the cute little shops we went to was this one. I was sorely tempted by many of their spices and blends, but settled on just three.


Smoked Spanish Paprika, Red Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, and Raspberry Bliss Sugar. I guess I was in the mood for red spices. In any case, I can’t wait to try these with some veggies (from the garden of course) on the grill. 🙂

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Prescott, AZ

For those of you who guessed (Holly, you were close), I was in Prescott, AZ over the weekend. We decided to escape the furnace that is Phoenix and head to the hills. As we had not yet visited Prescott, this became our final destination.


Prescott was lovely. Quiet, but not too quiet, enough shops to be interesting, but not overwhelming.

We had a delicious lunch at the Taj Mahal restaurant downtown. We were so full that we skipped dinner later on. The butter chicken was delicate and the sauce was scrumptious. I will admit to being more partial to the naan and galub jamun at Sharma’s Kitchen at home though.

We also wandered into a bluegrass festival on the courthouse square. I don’t seem to have any photos of the players, but I did take a few of the features around the courthouse.




We also wandered into this adorable indoor shopping mall. It was filled with quirky shops. We enjoyed checking out the items and wandering around.




More highlights from our trip later. . .

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Renaissance Fair 2012

We also went to the renaissance fair near Phoenix. It was an interesting mix of true demonstrators, crazy shows, and wildly unrealistic shoppes and costumes.


I’m not sure if this little village exists year round, but it was nicely laid out, with plenty to see, much to do, and many ways to lose your money.


Luckily, I am much more hesitant to waste money on such frivolity than I was when younger. So, much our time was spent enjoying the shows and craftspeople.


We wandered mightily for quite some time before stumbling upon my favorite part of the day.


This lovely woman was playing the Celtic Harp. We listened to her play several songs before finally moving on. There is nice video of her playing the harp on the link to her website. I would that I could play as she does. Lovely, lovely.


We also enjoyed a few more “foolish” performances as we strolled about. Good thing the hapless gentleman in the middle didn’t move too much. Those things were spiky!


We caught a bit of jousting as well. Quite the spectacle of course. Then it was time to be off on our next adventure.

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Pima Air and Space Museum


For you flight aficionados, we also visited the Pima Air and Space Museum.


I can’t say it was the most interesting place I have been, mostly because air planes don’t interest me as much as say a Spinning Wheel Museum might.


Avi really liked it though.


At least for the first thirty minutes. Then his adult A. D. D. started to kick in and he started wandering around like a chipmunk drunk on fermented acorns.


Ok, that was a little excessive. Maybe it was more like a chipmunk hopped up on crack.


Hmmm, still a little nondescript. Let’s put it this way, Avi can become bored easily and try to amuse himself by walking quickly from exhibit to exhibit. I sort of kept up. Lucky for me that the museum closed at 5. We made it to the yarn shop with minutes to spare where I found exactly what I did need and bought what I didn’t, but that is a story for another day.

Biosphere 2

While in Arizona last month, we decided to take a trip to Tucson. (Does anyone else want to say this as Tuck-son?) On our way there we stopped at Biosphere 2.


Biosphere 2 is an intriguing place. It was originally built as a closed ecosystem to see if it was possible to sustain life for 2 years in a closed environment.


After the completion of the first few years of experiments it became too costly to continue as a closed system, so the biosphere was opened to the public and the outside world again.


The result is an interesting mix of science and life.


The biosphere contains small ecosystems that mimic tropical rainforest, tropical savannah, the ocean, and the desert.


There are ongoing studies into the changes created by global warming, as well as plant, insect, and animal experiments.


It was a neat experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering a trip.


I will warn you though, if you get this guy (his name is Jake) as a guide, he is a prodigious speaker. Our 75 minute tour was a 115 minute tour. Yes, prodigious.

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Canyon Lake

We took a drive after Apacheland Days to Canyon Lake.  We’ve been there before, but this time there were ducks. Or something. I have searched and searched trying to identify the waterfowl that captivated me for twenty minutes. If any of you can identify this bird, I will owe you one.