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Charlie AKA Shitty Kitty

This little monster has been invading the house on a regular basis.  I call him a monster, but really he is very sweet.  That’s half the problem though.  He is so sweet and cuddles like the best lap cat.  I brought him home to be a barn cat, so him wanting to be a house kitty is a bit of a problem.  Especially as Abbie doesn’t seem too excited to share the house.  Well, really she isn’t allowed out while the kitten is about.  She gets jealous and chases him so that just doesn’t work too well for me.

We’ve taken to calling him shitty kitty due to his ability to always be underfoot, tripping you while begging for love, crawling into the car, locking the car, begging for a ride in the car, begging for a ride on the lawn mower, taunting the dog by sitting at the sliding door on the deck, and dabbling his paws where they do not belong in my nesting boxes.