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We Moved the Shop in Oregon!

In the space of about a week, we completely built and moved our old shop from Orenco Station in Hillsboro to Downtown Hillsboro, Oregon.  It was quite an adventure, but in addition, it was exhilarating.  We have a glorious new shop and fantastic new spaces to enjoy.  I love the idea of teaching in the new “Fleece Room” and seeing how our space is transformed as we continue to grow into the new space.

The grand opening is this weekend, October 20 & 21, 2017 so I hope you’ll stop by.


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The Next Generation

Today is the last day of the ARBA Convention and I’m sure I’m swamped.  I hope my rabbits have shown well and I’m enjoying a bit of a rest.   More likely I’m running my feet off and packing to come home.  These babies are my next generation.  24 years of breeding so far and I’m still chasing the improvements that I want to see and the “perfect rabbit.”  Here’s to 24 more!

A Bit of Garden

The last few weeks have been a last gasp for the garden.  Pumpkins are ripening.  Tomatoes are finally turning red.  The peppers are changing.  A final few cucumbers are dangling on the dying vines. The Patio Baby eggplants have been overly productive and we’ve had to be creative in finding ways to eat them.

I’m hoping the carrots and beets will be ready soon too.  They were a touch small when I pulled a few up last month, so I’m hoping that they have added some width and will be ready to harvest.  I’m tempted to try putting in a winter garden with some garlic and overwintered kale too.