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Belle Meade

Probably the best part of my trip was Belle Meade plantation.  Firstly, I love history.  Secondly, though I am not a horse girl, I was horse crazy.  So the opportunity to see this place was not something I wanted to pass by.  While the farm is long gone and the horses dispersed in the early 1900’s, this bit of land was the site of America’s premier stud farm throughout much of the 1800’s.  The history and museum are certainly worth a visit.  Plus, the tour comes with a wine tasting.  I did indeed take home some sweet Belle Meade wine too.  So, yummy.

Oh, and I was a bit fascinated by all of the carriages.  You see, I have a penchant for reading trashy historical novels and I just never bothered to really look at what the different carriages described in the novels look like.  Well, I had quite an opportunity to check out the various carriages and suddenly those novels made so much more sense.  I have images in my mind now and if I really need a refresher, my own photos to look to for that purpose.



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