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From Around the Block

We happen to live in a very pretty area near St. Louis.  While I often appreciate the animals and wild things here, I also get frustrated with the coyotes eating my ducks and the deer eating my fruit trees. :/

In any case, I do sometimes like to go rummage through the parks and see what I can find.  One thing that caught my eye was this turtle.  There were actually two of them sunning themselves in a parking lot.  They dutifully turtle-trotted away from me, and I followed them trying to take photos.  Just imagine me saying “Hey, turtle! Stop.  Just stop so I can take your photo!”

I really wanted a photo of the hummingbirds that were feeding on the thistles too.  They are very tall and completely frothy with flowers.  The birds were fighting over them and I stood for at least five minutes just watching them flit back and forth.  I didn’t manage to capture the birds, but the thistles were still beautiful.