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IOLI 2017 (A Bit Late)

I’m a bit late reporting on IOLI 2017.  We had a fabulous time, but really except for the vending room and Starbucks, we didn’t see much while we were in King of Prussia.  We did have a fabulous set-up with our yarn, books, and notions.  I think we are really putting together a nice display.  Finally pulling all of the pieces together into one cohesive vending space made me very happy.  I loved that photo of Sandra and her chair.  I completely understood the need for a chair that fit.

We did decide to do some fun things on the way back though.  We stopped in Intercourse, PA in Amish country and bought a bit of fabric.  Plus we tried Rita’s ice cream float thing.  It was interesting.  We also wandered through several antique shops both on the way out and the way back.  I found just a few little treasures.  Tina bought a lot of quilt tops and things. lol

We enjoyed our time in Pennsylvania and look forward to San Antonio, TX next year!


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