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Ah. Yes.  There continues to be pickle making.  Every few days I have just enough pickles to make 3-4 quarts.  So I’m making pickles every few days.  It’s mostly dill, but sometimes I make a batch of bread n butter.  I am not a giant pickle lover, but when I do eat pickles, I’m more likely to choose bread n butter.  When I was young, I loved pickles.  Then I sort of grew out of liking pickles.  Now, I find my tastes have returned to liking the occasional pickle.  Not other pickles though, I only eat the ones I have made.

In case you wonder what I use for making my dill and bread n butter pickles.  Makes them nummy.  However, you have to follow these guidelines to ensure crunchy pickles:

  1. Use cucumbers within 24 hours of picking and place in refrigerator if you won’t use them until the following day, drying out is your enemy
  2. Cut off the blossom end of the cucumber and discard
  3. Remove the spines from the cucumber
  4. Do not include the vine end of the cucumber in the jars
  5. Do not over process

Ok, Jayne, I think I remembered everything you told me!