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A Few Purchases


I almost forgot these!  While I was at IOLI, I ran into a gal who made pretty tatting shuttles.  I really love these shuttles.  Two of them are prettier than they are functional.  Oh, they do work.  They work just fine, but I love the feel of the nesting doll plastic one.  It has a very satisfying click and snap when I am tatting.  So, while I will use the others on occasion, for tatting, the nesting doll one is my favorite.  I should really find the maker and look for a few more.


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I’ve been playing with my crafts this month.  I taught a class in the basics of tapestry weaving and had a lot of fun with the little square weavers.  My students had fun playing with the squares and learning about different ways to put together bits of yarn.

I finally finished the bonnet for my niece’s baptism.  I don’t think she wore it for very long, but that is ok with me.  I know one day she will appreciate my efforts.

I have been buying a few Workbasket magazines.  I’m using them for inspiration for a new club with the Knitting Boutique.  There will be more details later on, but that mitten is a sneak peek at what the first shipment will include.  I really love how everything is coming together for this club.  I’m nearly done with the patterns for the first club shipment and already planning the second.  🙂

Gardening Again

I’m still finding some good produce in the garden.  The cucumbers are mostly gone now, but I made as many pickles as I could while I had a decent amount of cucumbers. We have more eggplants in the garden than I really know what to do with on almost a daily basis.  It’s too bad the okra isn’t coming in more quickly.  We have to wait just a bit too long for enough okra to eat.  I did pick a handful of nice ground cherries this year.  They were volunteers in the garden, but produced nicely.

Sadly, even though I had high hopes for the tomatoes, they did not grow well.  I have some tomatoes in the garden, but not anywhere near the harvests that I have seen the last three years.  So, I think I will have to buy a box of tomatoes and make my puree.

So. This Happened.

Stash is getting older.  I wanted to have another cat in the barn in case she gets sick.  I know that she won’t last forever.  So, we brought home this little orange goober.  He is very loving and constantly under my feet.  He was raised in a rabbit barn and is very good about being in the barn.  He has definitely claimed his people.  We call him Charlie Sheru.  (Apparently, Sheru means lion.)

Crazy Ice Cream

Before she had to fly out I took Tina to Snow Factory Roll Ice Cream.  It’s crazy interesting to watch as they make your ice cream for you right there.  I was fairly entranced with the process. My ice cream was good.  Light.  Not too sweet.

There was so much ice cream in the cup too.  I couldn’t finish it.  Honestly, this is the kind of ice cream that is meant to be shared.

IOLI 2017 (A Bit Late)

I’m a bit late reporting on IOLI 2017.  We had a fabulous time, but really except for the vending room and Starbucks, we didn’t see much while we were in King of Prussia.  We did have a fabulous set-up with our yarn, books, and notions.  I think we are really putting together a nice display.  Finally pulling all of the pieces together into one cohesive vending space made me very happy.  I loved that photo of Sandra and her chair.  I completely understood the need for a chair that fit.

We did decide to do some fun things on the way back though.  We stopped in Intercourse, PA in Amish country and bought a bit of fabric.  Plus we tried Rita’s ice cream float thing.  It was interesting.  We also wandered through several antique shops both on the way out and the way back.  I found just a few little treasures.  Tina bought a lot of quilt tops and things. lol

We enjoyed our time in Pennsylvania and look forward to San Antonio, TX next year!