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Some Treasures


I know these magazines or pamphlets might not have seemed important to the person who donated them to Goodwill.  I’m sure the person who donated them just wasn’t a crafting person.  He or she looked at those old magazines and saw junk.  I looked at them and saw treasure.  A little digging yielded a lot of fun things and I think I picked up the whole lot for $1-2.  I bought a few other books and things so I’m not sure what the price of each item was as they were sold in bulk.

The crochet magazines aren’t really my thing, but I know someone who will appreciate them.  I’m excited about the ideas that will spark from reading these old magazines.

The timing couldn’t have been better either as I’m at IOLI this week.  It will be fun to share ideas with so many like-minded lace makers.


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