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Garden Flowers

It’s an excitingly floral place in the garden right now and that means there are all kinds of fruits growing too.  Even the onions are in on the flowering.  Avi insisted that I needed to let the three onions bloom because he can cook with the onion seeds, so I agreed.  It was only three out of the 100 after all.  So, I suppose I’ll let the onions go to seed. My grandmother always popped the heads off so I feel a little awkward every time I see them blooming, like I forgot to do something.

I’m fighting the mighty squash bug again too.  I keep taking off eggs and squishing the adults that I find.  I’m heartily sick of the wee beasties but I’ve done a better job in finding and destroying them this year.  Next year I think we will make a screen shield for the plants until they start blooming.  That should thwart the evil beasts.  Any additional tips for destroying the squash bugs are welcome.  Right now I’m scraping eggs off and dusting for the adults.  Plus squishing them any time I see them.  I also trimmed all of the leaf litter and removed it, as well as any dying leaves.


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