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Still Here

Life has been busy and I’m just not doing so well at carving out time to sit down and blog.  It’s funny how in the early days of the blog I would write posts almost daily and then I settled in to a rhythm of blogging three or four times a week.  I stopped blogging for a few months several years ago and then came back to it.  I’m not even sure how much I really want to blog any more.  It is a nice way to remember what I’ve been doing, but I don’t keep this as a true diary.  I really only show the good parts.  Which makes me wonder if I’m keeping this blog for myself or for others.

I also feel as though the heyday of the knitting blog is gone.  I see very few new blogs, many of the old bloggers are no longer writing.  I wonder, should I keep blogging?  This month will mark 11 years since I first started my journey into the online knitting community.  The blog has been home to my changing life: marriage, two moves, the loss of loved ones, changing loves, my growth as an individual.  I’ve published patterns, written books, learned to can, shared my garden tribulations, and all while trying to take photos and share it here.

My grandmother kept a daily diary as did her mother, but most of the entries consist of “weather was good today.  so and so was sick. no visitors.”  I hope my blog has been a bit more entertaining than that.  All of this to say, I’m not sure if I should go on.  My posts are becoming more sporadic and I feel that I really have to make time to blog.  It’s become more work than pleasure.  What say you, my few remaining blog readers? Is it worthwhile to you when I blog sporadically, or should I hang up my keyboard?