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Favorite Tastes

I had the opportunity to eat at Dog n Suds while I was in Lafayette, IN.  Except for the construction making it difficult to enter (and exit), it was everything I remembered.  I love my breaded tenderloin with coleslaw and a big mug of root beer.  I savored every bite and look forward to going back again soon.

Then I had a lovely brisket sandwich a few days later at Sugarfire.  I really do love Sugarfire.  I’ve talked about them before, but I still haven’t had a bad meal here.  Some of them I have loved more than others, but I haven’t disliked any of my meals.  And did I mention the red cream soda?  Oh.  I do love that red cream soda.

What is funny about his post is that I’ve mentioned the two places where I indulge in pop.  I don’t drink much any more, but these are the two places that I have a pop with my food and not water or tea.  🙂