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Marmalade Day!

I’ve never made marmalade before so I decided to take a stab at it.  There were a lot of lovely bags of citrus at Costco and I just couldn’t resist picking some up and making a batch of marmalade.  I sort of cobbled together a recipe from the one in my book and a few online.  It tastes pretty decent though, so I think I did a decent job. 🙂

I simmered 8 Cara Cara oranges, 8 mandarin oranges, and 6 Meyer lemons.  Once they were soft, I drained the fruit, reserving four cups of citrus liquid.  Then I sliced open all of the fruit and smushed the insides back into the pot. I thinly sliced all of the mandarin peels, one of the Cara Caras, and one of the Meyer lemons. Then I cooked the fruit with the reserved liquid until the fruit had further disintegrated.  I used Pomona’s pectin so that I could use less sugar and used about five cups of sugar.  The pot really could have used about one more cup of sugar, but maybe two. I unintentionally made about 26 cups of marmalade instead of the 18-20 I was expecting.