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Fun Things At The Antique Mall

Because, really, you just never know what you are going to find.  There are always so many interesting things that I spot.  I only take a few photos though.  The chickens were pretty amusing to me as I walked through the group.  That crocheted doily probably should have come home with me too.  It was very nicely done.  That Barbie knitting kit was pretty amusing to me too.  Where is the Ken knitting kit?  lol


Forsythia Cowl


Did you catch the release of the Forsythia Cowl yesterday?  It’s the perfect little something to put on your needles.  Use that luxury skein you’ve been saving or the leftover bit of a favorite yarn.  At approximately 200 yards, this little snippet is just the right combination of thrift, ease, and fun to brighten up your knitting.

Marmalade Day!

I’ve never made marmalade before so I decided to take a stab at it.  There were a lot of lovely bags of citrus at Costco and I just couldn’t resist picking some up and making a batch of marmalade.  I sort of cobbled together a recipe from the one in my book and a few online.  It tastes pretty decent though, so I think I did a decent job. 🙂

I simmered 8 Cara Cara oranges, 8 mandarin oranges, and 6 Meyer lemons.  Once they were soft, I drained the fruit, reserving four cups of citrus liquid.  Then I sliced open all of the fruit and smushed the insides back into the pot. I thinly sliced all of the mandarin peels, one of the Cara Caras, and one of the Meyer lemons. Then I cooked the fruit with the reserved liquid until the fruit had further disintegrated.  I used Pomona’s pectin so that I could use less sugar and used about five cups of sugar.  The pot really could have used about one more cup of sugar, but maybe two. I unintentionally made about 26 cups of marmalade instead of the 18-20 I was expecting.